Lauren Mudd - Coach and Projects Assistant

Over the past year I have volunteered and worked on many different projects part of YCF. I have volunteered with Wicketz, assisted in the delivery of the cricket sessions and delivered presentations. Currently, I am working with 2 other students, as part of a team project from Leeds Beckett, to set up a new sustainable Wicketz hub. I have worked on the Mums and Tots project, delivering the sessions, helping individuals overcome social isolation in a safe, fun, relaxed environment. I have worked on Hits and Missus, engaging those from underrepresented groups aged 14+ (the age of increased physical activity dropout). I have worked on Softball festivals, in terms of planning and delivering community family fun events.

Working with YCF has increased my confidence, improved my skills and abilities (to get more individuals involved in cricket and help build and create stronger communities.) and I have made new friends I never would have met without working with YCF.

I am currently in my third year at Leeds Beckett University, studying Sports Development.