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Cricket Foundation

South Asian Communities Project

Leeds and Bradford

Bradford and Leeds are amongst 5 cities selected nationally by ECB to pilot the South Asian Community Cricket Project, other cities are Birmingham, Leicester and a London Borough.
Over the last two years, we have been running programme of activities to increase participation in formal and informal games of Cricket and have recruited and trained a pool of volunteers from these communities.

Research carried out by ECB nationally suggests that 30% of all Cricket is played by Ethnic minority communities with the game particularly being popular amongst South Asian communities, however the research also shows that even greater numbers from these communities would like to take part or take part more often but are unable to do so.

We work with existing Clubs and leagues to maintain levels of participation and organise ‘alternative’ formats of games, competitions and tournaments using soft ball, hard ball, taped ball on various surfaces using indoor and outdoor facilities.

The project is aimed at all South Asian communities in Leeds and Bradford particularly targeting adults 16+, Women and Girls and disabled cricketers.

Over 300 people have been recruited and trained volunteers within the game including Coaches at various levels, umpires, grounds men and scorers.

The project ensures that Cricket is an inclusive sport at all levels of the game including volunteering, participation, administration and management.

Work carried out by YCF has been recognised by ECB, who are in the process of drawing a national strategy in this area based on some of our work.

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