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Yorkshire Social Club

The Yorkshire Social Club was launched in early 2016 with the aim being for the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation to make a difference to those across the county who identify as ‘older adults’.

Mental Health
With the average living age on the rise, it is important to consider the well-being and care of adults who are living longer and ensure that their social and psychological needs are met. Older adults are at a higher risk of developing neurological and/or mental disorders, a figure that keeps on growing. With this in mind it is essential to consider the types of care that can be provided to reduce the associated stigmas around mental health, remove barriers and improve health and well-being.
After seeing the positive social and cognitive outcomes that sport had on their already popular group, “Catch Up Club”, the YCF decided that creating more groups like this, whereby people may attend on a casual basis to reminisce on their sporting experiences, would be of great benefit to the surrounding community.

Sporting Memories Network Partnership
The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation and the Sporting Memories Network are working in partnership to deliver Sporting Memories reminiscence sessions to older people across Leeds. Using the profile and history of Yorkshire Cricket along with Sporting Memories resource packs, the sessions are delivered to older people suffering from dementia, depression and social isolation.
Yorkshire, and Headingley in particular, have produced some unforgettable sporting moments over the years and it is hoped that holding sessions throughout the community will bring some of these great sporting memories back to life in a friendly, sociable environment.

The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation’s Aims
The YCF are working towards creating a dementia friendly environment at the Headingley Stadium for all staff and visitors – not just those attending the Foundation! The YCF have already been accredited by the Leeds Dementia Action Alliance as “Working to Become Dementia Friendly” and are adding to this by holding a variety of training for staff to be better informed of the needs of those with mental illness and dementia, and therefore providing an environment suitable for all.
The YCF aim to work with already formed groups in the community to provide Sporting Memories Reminiscence sessions for groupings who would benefit from such events. There are also plans to develop this offer further across the county in Sheffield and Scarborough.

Current Projects…
Catch Up Club
Match Day Experience
Memory Lane Mondays
Table Tennis
Indoor Bowls

For more information on the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation’s Older People’s Project, please contact Beth on