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Memory Lane Mondays

Memory Lane Mondays

Around 42,000 people in Leeds aged over 60 years live alone. Whilst older age is certainly not a disability, when paired with other factors such as social isolation, poverty and ill health, it is essential that the needs of these individuals are met. As Leeds works towards being a better place to grow old, Yorkshire Cricket Foundation are taking further steps to ensure they help the City do this by offering several opportunities for residents to meet and socialise.

An addition to The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation’s Older People’s Project, Memory Lane Mondays will provide over 50’s in the Leeds and surrounding area an opportunity to meet new people, socialise and reminisce. Also catering for people with poor mental health and dementia, this group really is working towards making Leeds a better place to grow old.

Using tried and tested methods, Memory Lane Mondays aims to reduce social isolation and improve mental health by using sporting reminiscence techniques and activities to bring locked away memories to the forefront of people’s minds and give them an opportunity to recount these memories to others in the group.

With such a thriving sporting history, Sporting reminiscence groups at Headingley Stadium seem very popular with local residents. However, many sessions do not revolve around sport, only using the rich Yorkshire sporting history as a prompt to unlock other memories.

Each month Memory Lane Mondays will work around a different theme/topic to produce an engaging, sense provoking session for attendees. Sessions include a variety of techniques and tools such as discussion, group work, memorabilia, music and food to provoke memories and get people chatting. The YCF have found this to be successful with other groups held at the stadium, as well as the first Memory Lane Mondays session which was well received.

Yorkshire Cricket Foundation hope that Memory Lane Mondays will continue to contribute to better lives in Leeds and help those highlighted as at risk of being socially isolated and of other mental health conditions and improved standard of living.

If you would like further information on this project or would like to attend, please contact Beth on or alternatively via telephone on 0113 203 3662.