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Cricket Foundation

YCF Volunteer Programme

The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation offer throughout the year a range of volunteering opportunities for people from all ages and backgrounds to take part in. Volunteering can be undertaken to give back to your local community, learn new skills, meet like minded people and to aid personal development as well as becoming part of Yorkshire Cricket.

Volunteering with the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation

Please see below the different types of volunteering that the YCF facilitates:

Professional Placements
Professional placements are for University students, to form part of a degree. This include research projects, event planning and specific skills work experience.

Placements are open to all and are for a specific advertised role for a fixed period of time at the YCF. You will be based in the YCF office on a weekly basis , with your own workplan that will include working on different projects with the wider YCF team.

Project Specific
This type of volunteering allows people to focus on one particular project. Whether this be fundraising or charity work, you will be involved in the planning, implementing and maintaining stages as well as monitoring and evaluating the success of the project.

Event Specific
Event specific volunteering including working hands on during our one-off or annual events. This may cover anything from registration, operational, assisting with marketing or activity management.

The Yorkies are our match day team who help out on major matches across the season. Whether this be helping in or around the ground, in the club shop or ticket office, you will get a feel for the day to day workings of Yorkshire CCC.

Archives Committee
The Archives committee work closely with YCF Heritage Manager, Paul Goodman and work to preserve and protect Yorkshire’s rich heritage. If you would like more information on the Archives Commity, please contact

If you require any further information about the YCF Volunteer Programme, contact