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Wicketz Yorkshire

Wicketz Yorkshire aims to make a lasting positive effect on those living in high deprived areas in Yorkshire, using Cricket as the hook. The project gets children off the streets and into cricket as well as working on community cohesion through a number of different activities.

Wicketz is a community cricket programme. Launched in 2012, the programme aims to establish sustainable cricket environments in areas of high deprivation, providing young people from those areas with the chance to engage in regular sport.

Whilst cricket is the initial engagement tool, the primary focus of the programme is to improve the lives of young people. This is done through providing positive role models (Wicketz coaches, and older participants, who are upskilled as coaches), and the delivery of workshops from local and national organisations, on topics specifically targeted at local issues, including healthy living, gang and knife violence, rail safety and hate crime.

Wicketz Yorkshire, beginning in December 2017, is in Barkerend and Great Horton, Bradford and Harehills in Leeds. The programme is based indoors throughout the winter and outdoors throughout the summer.

Wicketz Sessions: