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19 Nov

Traveling to Yorkshire Cricket College

Students come from across the county to study with Yorkshire Cricket College. Each person’s travel is different, but it should be far from daunting. With easy travel links from Leeds city centre to Emerald Headingley Stadium, the travel becomes less of an inconvenience and more of a positive to the students.

The ability for independent travel means students get a taste of the real world preparing them for their future whether that be university or straight into work life. In addition, this will help the students gain key life skills including organisation and time keeping.

With Buses every 5 minutes from the city centre to Headingley, which all loop back to the city bus station, it’s a great way for students to get around the city. Weekly passes are available from £8.20 and a single on first buses from £2.40.

For students traveling form further afield, the train is an easy commute. Leeds station is on most mainlines so getting into the city isn’t a problem and once there, regular trains make it simple to get to Emerald Headingley Stadium. Running every 30 minutes, trains to Headingley and Burley Park stations are just a 5-minute walk to college.

Students don’t have to travel with their cricket bag either when commuting as Yorkshire Cricket College offers secure lockers to keep their kit in. This makes it even easier for students to travel from all areas of the county as they don’t have to carry a heavy cricket bag every day.

For more information on travel and all things involved with Yorkshire Cricket College please click here and sign up for an open evening or email Education Manager, Nick Robinson


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