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25 Apr

Top Gun – The Final Countdown

Having tirelessly searched for the fastest bowlers in Yorkshire, the first of our regional finals is crashing into Headingley this Friday!

Four finalists from West Yorkshire will battle it out for a place in the grand final with a chance to bowl at the interval of England’s ODI with India at Headingley adding extra incentive to the occasion. West Yorkshire has unearthed some excellent talent with bowlers from all ages testing their wheels against the speed gun. The regional final from West Yorkshire is made up of:
1. Wasim Qasim (Elland CC) – 78mph
2. Andrew Cadd (Delph & Dobcross CC) – 78mph
3. Elliot Richardson (Woodlands CC) – 77mph
4. Syed Badar Shah (Paddock CC) – 74mph

Top Gun is a project run by the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation aiming to find the fastest club bowler in the county. Over 100 people have taken part in the competition, aiming to get into the final 4 for each region.

Nick Robinson Project Officer for the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation said “We’ve been hugely impressed with the standard of bowling and we’d like to thank everyone that has taken part in this, our first year of the competition. We’ve had from people as young as 13 all the way up to age 65 taking part this year which is fantastic.”

Yorkshire Vikings take on current T20 champions Northants Steelbacks at Headingley this Friday. The Top Gun West Area Final will be taking place at the interval. So come down and watch the four West Yorkshire finalists battle it out for a place in the grand final!


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