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29 Apr

Sohail Raz- Q&A

At the start of this month, we were pleased to launch, Howstha. A campaign centred around a series of mental health courses targeted at individuals wishing to develop their knowledge in counselling, suicide awareness and awareness of mental health problems.

The courses are run in partnership with The Skills Network and offer a flexible approach to learning.

Sohail Raz, Diverse Communities Manager at the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation speaks about his recent experience of completing a course.

1. What course did you study?

Understanding Children and Young People’s Mental Health Level 2
2. How was your experience with online learning?

I haven’t done much online learning before but I found the experience really useful and easy. Everything was well organised and at the start a short tutorial showed exactly how to use the online portal.
3.  Do you feel the course and its content will help you in your current role?

Definitely! The knowledge I have gained from the course will help me understand the children and young people I work with better.
4. Do you feel you have a greater understanding of mental health after completing the course?

Yes, I feel my knowledge in understanding Mental Health has increased massively, previously I wasn’t confident in the topic whereas now I have gained the confidence and knowledge in identifying concerns and their causes. I have also developed a further understanding of when to help support children and young people with mental health issues.
5. What advice would you give to people considering enrolling in the course?

I would say have a read of the course content to ensure the course is for you and if you have any questions to contact The Skills Network team as they are very helpful. Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed.  
6. Why did you decide to do the course?

As we were in our third lockdown I had a bit of extra time as there was no physical activation happening with my projects. So I decided to upskill myself on understanding issues and concerns children and young people may face so I can relate to them better when working with them.
7. What was the enrolment process like?

The enrolment was really simple, I was checked for eligibility and filled out a form online with some personal details, agreed terms and conditions and was ready to go from there.   
8. How many hours a week did he spend on average doing it?

I spent 6 hours a week.
9. What did this specific course cover?

This course covered in detail the principles of mental health concerns, legislations and best practice, living with childhood mental health conditions, how to minimise the risks of mental health concerns and the causes and diagnosis of mental health concerns all in relation to children and young people
10. How do you think you will use the learnings from the course?

As I now have the knowledge of mental health concerns in children and young people I will be able to identify any concerns, how to go about providing the correct support for any child whether that is through parent support or other health partners.
11. Would you recommend the course to others and why?

I would recommend the course to others as it is very informative and the course gives real life examples and case studies to help you understand which we can all relate to. It is also good to have this knowledge as Mental Health cases are on the increase especially in children and young people so it can help you to support yourself and others.  

To gain a better understanding of Mental Health and become part of a network of Yorkshire Cricket Mental Health Champions click here


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