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10 Jun

Community Conversations - Mrs Akhtar and Crick-EAT

Last week we launched our healthy holidays programme, Crick-EAT at three sites in Bradford. We caught up with Mrs Akhtar who brought her two granddaughters to Park Avenue for the four days we were delivering Crick-EAT last week.

Why did you decide to sign your granddaughters up for Crick-EAT this week?
As we all know what kind of a year we have had because of covid, I’m really happy that the children have been given this opportunity, having this really big ground and fresh air in a safe environment for them to come and play and meet other children.
It’s really good for their physical and mental wellbeing and it’s well needed especially like I’ve said with what kind of a year we’ve had. I feel it’s been really rewarding. Rewarding for us as grandparents and parents to watch them, but also for the children. I’m really, really happy that Crick-EAT happened. It’s gotten them away from TV and games consoles.
Those were the main reasons for bringing them!

Did your granddaughters play cricket prior to this week?
Both of my granddaughters like some kind of sport and for them to know that cricket is not just for boys, that if the opportunity was there, girls can also excel. I hope the girls, some of them will, you never know! We might not be alive but one of them could be playing for England. It can happen. For that reason, I wanted my girls to know that it’s not just boys who can play cricket.

What did you think of Adil Rashid being on site?
Do you know something, I think he’s absolutely brilliant. I’ve seen him every single day and seen him training with the children. I think it’s really good that he was here. I’ve explained to my granddaughters who he is and how he started just like they are now doing. He’s been a role model to be honest. It’s good to see him here!

What did you think of the food?
Well done Morrisons! The children have enjoyed the bags they have got. Not only have they got lunch and snacks they’ve been given other bits and bobs in there that they have looked forward to. So, well done to them!

What do you think of Crick-EAT on the whole?
On the whole I think it’s been really good for the community. You know, the area, the ground. I think it’s very good for the community. I’d also like to say all the staff have been so attentive and helpful. I can’t fault it.
My only one request is that please can it continue in the summer holidays!
I’ve met grandmas, look I’ve lived in Bradford for over 40 years in the same area but I’ve not met these people before so it’s brought us together and we are all here for the same reason. I’ve enjoyed it immensely as have the children and if I am physically able to bring them and it does happen again I will definitely bring them!

If you would like further information on our Crick-EAT programme, contact Beth on


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