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17 Jun

New Walking Cricket Teams starting across Yorkshire

Cricket Season is upon us and this year that doesn’t just mean amazing Walking Cricket training sessions and games but a host of new Walking Cricket teams across Yorkshire! With Joe Root endorsing the Walking Cricket project and lockdown restrictions easing, we now have many excited participants that are eager to start training sessions in their local area.

Very recently, the Harrogate team has had their first training session with a total of 12 participants and a very even split of 6 ladies and 6 gentlemen. Even though none of the ladies had played cricket in a team before – some had never even held a cricket bat – all of them seemed to be really enjoying the training session as the team leader Richard Whitely received some great email feedback. The gentlemen were equally not very experienced with cricket as many of them had only played it as a child or simply for fun. But again, satisfaction seemed high amongst the gents, even if some of them admitted that it wasn’t exactly what they expected. All participants particularly enjoyed being in the open air and not being fenced in. Whilst playing on grass presents its own issues, this particular venue still allowed there to be defined boundaries that stopped the ball from going too far.

As there were so many cricket newbies, Richard made sure that everybody batted, bowled and umpired. He also ensured that everyone understood the basics of the game by explaining umpire signals and fielding position names. Richard described this first session as a huge success, regarding only the weather a potential enemy to the new team. Four other potential participants have already announced their interest in joining a training session when they have the time, making the start of the Harrogate team a roaring success!

New Walking Cricket teams are also starting in Leeds and Huddersfield very soon. The long awaited Leeds team is starting their training session on the 23rd of July with plans to meet every week for 10 consecutive weeks. The Huddersfield team is planning to start on the 16th of July, which is equally exciting. If you are interested and want to join a Walking Cricket team or simply want some more information please don’t hesitate to contact


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