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9 Jul

Lynn's Story

We recently met up with Lynn who is one of our Yorkies and spoke about her time doing voluntary work. Lynn is part of Team Yorkie and explained to us how she became part of the team and why she enjoys the role she has.

“I currently live in the Dales, about as far north from Headingly as you can get whilst still in Yorkshire. I have always listened to TMS since starting with my mum whilst doing my schoolwork or revision but living in Hull at the time I didn’t have much opportunity to go to live matches particularly as cycling was the family sport. During my working life I never really had the time but now my work is all part time or relief work I can indulge myself with sport volunteering and catching some live games.
My first cricket volunteering experience was the Champions Trophy 2017 at Edgbaston followed by the Women’s World Cup 2017 at Derby. At my interview, an ECB guy told me about the Yorkies, but I dismissed the idea due to the distance from home. My experience at Edgbaston was so good I changed my mind and immediately joined the Yorkies team. I certainly have not regretted it.”

Lynn then went on to speak about her volunteering role during lockdown.
“There were no real opportunities for volunteering in my area and later through the pandemic I ended up being asked to go in to test the kids at the school I work at so didn’t have the free time. The social distancing and other measures in place make the environment feel very safe. I have not experienced any situations on match day that made me feel uncomfortable now we have returned. It is so good to be back with the Yorkies team!”

We then asked about why she enjoys volunteering as a Yorkie and how doing this has helped her.
“I joined part way through the 2017 season so felt a bit of a spare part. By 2018, my first full season, with more roles and new volunteers it felt like I was part of the team, and we were making a difference to the match day experience of the spectators. A very satisfying feeling. During 2019 my village experienced a major flood event. As Parish Clerk I was under a lot of pressure in a very stressful situation. Being at Headingley with a really supportive team helped me destress and regain a sense of proportion. Everyone’s support and kindness really helped me maintain my sanity. Plus get to see some cricket with friends.”

Finally, we went on to talk about whether she would recommend Team Yorkies to others and why.
“I already have. I met Bridget whilst volunteering at Edgbaston and Derby. We arranged to meet back up at the Tour de Yorkshire training session, the following year, at which I told her about my Yorkies experience, and she joined up too. The team have become friends with everyone included. Many of us met up at the World Cup 2019 matches at Headingley. Since we can’t volunteer at York this year some of us are arranging to meet up to watch the match anyway.”


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