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28 Jul

Walking Cricket Derby


Rotherham took on the might of Sheffield in front of a capacity crowd. The weather was overcast and warm. It was dry, both on the wicket and the outfield, with the forecast for a brightening clear sky with the sun peeking through around lunchtime. Winning the toss could prove vital. Sheffield called it right and decided to bat first. Could the Rotherham bowlers get the ball to do tricks under the overhead conditions and the dry, lush green surface?

Bruce bowled the first over, his right arm over, a mystery ball to both the batsmen and to himself. What would it do? He had to set the stall out for the team under his command. Accuracy was the key and only two runs were conceded before he got a wicket on his fifth ball. What a start.
Sue took on the second over, tricky underarm style with only eight runs taken off her effort. Tidy bowling, although no wicket came about.
John came to the fore and bowled the third over. Only three singles taken from it but he was making the batsman defend and they were unable to throw the bat due to his accuracy and length. He surprised them with the bounce he got.
Next up was Angie, her bowling had been on the wane, and she was concerned about her performance with the ball, both in practice and in previous games. She had no need to worry. Her wides were still as plentiful as before!! Yet she conceded only eight runs in her warm up over.
After four overs Sheffield had only mustered 21 runs but lost one wicket giving them a 16 nett score. Accurate bowling restricted them.

Could the next four bowlers, Steve, Christine, Jim and Alan, keep the pressure on?
Steve did his utmost with a stunning first over, only one run from it with no wicket. He was unlucky not to be picked for the England team, considering the Covid problems they are suffering. Has no-one been to watch this young man with bat and ball?
Christine came forward and bowled with her canny underarm action, five runs conceded, no wicket. Has she been practising in her back garden?
Jim was next up. He can bowl on a tricky length, but alas, he was not on form in his first stint. Ten runs taken, but surprisingly, no wicket this time.
Alan, looking fit as a fiddle, took the next over. Two runs only from a speedy over, with once again, no wicket.
After this set of four overs, Sheffield had added a further 18 runs but, importantly, had not lost a wicket, they were now on 34 runs net.

Time for all bowlers to go again, could they make inroads?
Bruce bowled again, only one run taken and no wicket
Sue, a much more accurate over this time, three runs and no wicket, the screw was tightening further!
Could John squeeze Sheffield close to submission? You bet, although he was hit for five runs, he took two wickets as the batsmen tried to get on top. Foolish reall, as this lad knows how to bowl. They have obviously not watched him before!!
Angie came on to bowl. She’s a trier. You have to give her that. This time only four runs conceded, bringing the twelfth over to an end.
This set of four overs yielded 13 runs but two wickets taken, Sheffield total was now 37 runs net

Could the final set of four overs bring more success to Rotherham, or would Sheffield come to the fore and score plentiful runs to make the Rotherham run chase difficult?

Steve came in to bowl, four runs from his last over, brilliant effort considering the situation
Christine stepped into the limelight. Her bowling was a nightmare experience for the batsmen. They thought they could knock her out of the ground, but they were mistaken. Her underarm style appeared to baffle the person throwing the wood at it. First ball a single, second a dot, third a wicket, fourth a single and fifth a two, she ended her bowling stint by getting a second wicket in one over. What an effort. Sheffield were now on the ropes.
Jim tried again. This time he caused them problems. Seven runs scored from his final over but, more importantly, a wicket taken. Sheffield could not escape the shackles being put on them.
Alan walked up to bowl the final over. The grass scorched as he walked determinedly to the crease with ball in hand. The batsmen quivered but managed to get a single and a two, followed by another single, then three dots.
These last four bowlers turned the game in Ru3as favour, 19 runs scored but three wickets taken, meant Sheffield had only scored 4 runs net.

Sheffield closed on 71 runs scored, less 6 wickets lost (-30) giving them a net score of 41 runs.

All eight bowlers deserve credit. Wides and no balls were less in number, and it clearly showed that all had given their best, both in practising and in game time. Hard work pays off, and thought processes were in full bore.

With the weather turning warmer and the sky clearing, could Rotherham turn on the style after the lunchbreak and gain their first victory?

Rotherham Batting effort re Sheffield 13th July

After lunch, Rotherham took up the cudgel and started their chase of 42 runs net, to gain their first victory in a walking cricket game. Up to this game their record had been, played three and lost three. With each result getting better and improving, could they reach the pinnacle during this game?

The weather was now brighter, warmer and the gates were now locked preventing any further spectators entering! Several were now standing at various vantage points outside the arena to see the famous eight start their challenge.

Bruce and Sue went to the crease. It’s vital to get a good start when facing a small total as these turn out to be the trickiest more often than not.
The first over was a disaster. One scored from the first ball, a dot from the second and then bang bang! two wickets in successive deliveries. A further four runs were scored from the remaining two balls. Five runs scored but two wickets lost, meaning -5 runs on the board, it could only get better, couldn’t it?
The second over gave Ru3a 10 runs, thanks to some wayward bowling, including five wides
Third over gained another 6 runs via wides, but thankfully no wickets lost.
Fourth over brought about 5 more runs and no wicket lost
Bruce and Sue had gained 26 runs but lost those two early wickets meaning they had 16 runs net towards the 42 runs total net required.

John and Angie, two experienced bat wielders were next. Four overs to add more runs towards the target. Easy, eh? First over, they obviously were getting their eye in, and just watched the balls go by, six balls gone.
Second over, 6 runs added to the total, no wicket lost, they were on their way now,
Third over, Sheffield got on top again with only one run scored but disastrously one wicket lost
Fourth over only two scored but wicket intact, Rotherham had now scored 9 runs from these four overs giving them a 4 runs net score with the loss of the one wicket, total 20 runs net towards the 42 needed for victory.

Nerves were jingling amongst the crowd and players alike, especially the Rotherham tribal followers. So close, yet so far away, with 48 balls left, 8 overs and 23 runs required.

Steve and Christine were next in the firing line and, after their bowling efforts, could they cause havoc amongst the bowling attack by taking it to them?
They were helped by more wayward bowling, especially wides, but a few no balls crept in, similar to bouncing bomb deliveries really. It’s a good job the bowlers were not flying the dam busters raids or they would have missed! This wasn’t Rotherham’s problem however, and both kept their cool, gaining 15 runs without losing a wicket.
Their third over was eventful. Three wides and a single, before Steve thundered a straight drive for 6 over the spectators’ heads, followed by a dot ball, a 13 run over and no wicket
The fourth over only went for two runs, meaning, crucially, 30 runs added but no wicket lost, Rotherham were now ahead in the game by 7 runs! Victory was closer. You can never count your chickens until they hatch though.
Christine must’ve taken lessons. Her bowling was good and her defensive batting was as staunch as we have seen, what a trooper.
Steve stayed calm throughout and hit bad balls where he wanted. They had put Rotherham in a winning position.

Jim and Alan, two old campaigners’ came to the crease to get the victory deserved, no need to thrash the ball all over the place with only four overs to play.
First over 6 runs but one wicket lost, no problem, still ahead of the game
Second over was a maiden. Sheffield’s problem now not Rotherham’s.
Third over, once again more runs in the bank, 8 in total
Fourth and final over, easy enough. Or was it? Two more runs off the first ball, then once again, bang bang! Two wickets down. Still ahead, but doubts may have been in minds with three balls left.
The over came to an end with Rotherham securing their first taste of victory.
Jim and Alan had scored 18 runs from their four overs but lost three wickets giving them 3 runs net.

Rotherham had therefore scored 73 runs and lost 6 wickets, net score of 53. Victory tastes sweet, with the promise of more to come if this performance is anything to go by. Yes, Rotherham are marching on and going from strength to strength.

It must be said though, and this is by no means any criticism of Rotherham, there was some poor bowling by Sheffield and Rotherham were much better on this day. Both teams took 6 wickets, Rotherham scored 73 runs Sheffield 71 runs gross, so both teams were evenly matched on the day and we are not to get too carried away. Enjoy the day and result, Rotherham deserved it. Tougher challenges are ahead, but all are winnable.

Bowling was much better, tighter and more accurate than previous games. Batting appeared stronger, but it was against a weaker bowling team on the day. No matter what, Rotherham WON and that has not been shouted before! Well done to all involved. It was a memorable day.

Umpiring by both officials was excellent, scorers did a good job and had to concentrate throughout, thanks.

Bowling: Overs Runs Maidens Wickets Average
John 2 8 0 2 4 runs per over 16.6% of balls got wicket
Christine 2 9 0 2 4.5 16.6%
Bruce 2 3 0 1 1.5 8.3%
Jim 2 17 0 1 8.5 8.3%

Steve 2 5 0 0 2.5
Alan 2 6 0 0 3.00
Sue 2 11 0 0 5.50
Angie 2 12 0 0 6.00

No stats re wides or no balls bowled available

Batting: Not individual- batting as a partnership which does include wides and no balls during stay at crease.

Steve/Christine 4 overs 30 runs 7.5per over


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