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3 Sep

Hull Cricket festival celebrates young people

A cricket festival for young people in Hull has been a huge success in the local community.

Our Wicketz Yorkshire programme makes a lasting positive effect on those living in high deprived areas in Yorkshire, using Cricket as the hook.

The project helps children off the streets and into cricket as well as working on community cohesion through a number of different activities.

Recently more than 40 young people aged eight -19 years old attended our Wicketz festival in Hull at the YPI cricket club.

The festival showcased a hundred rematch between Bradford and Hull, following the success of the new shorter format of The Hundred which has been so successful this summer.

Overall, the day was spectacular, there was an amazing turn out to celebrate Wicketz and our communities – Qais, a participant from Bradford.

The main event was an exhilarating game with Bradford winning off the last ball after chasing down 148 runs to win from 100 balls.

There was a variety of other activities throughout the day – as part of the festival – including an inflatable speed test which the young people enjoyed, as they battled against themselves to beat their best speed each time.

A softball cricket tournament for those aged 8-11 years-old, for both girls and boys, also took place, encouraging them back into sport and giving them a chance to do some physical activity which has been missed during the pandemic.

We also welcomed visitors from the Royal Air Force (RAF), who spent the day with the young people offering career advice, building on their future goals and prospects, raising awareness of the RAF and the variety of career opportunities it offers.

“The RAF came to the event in hope to raise awareness of the different career opportunities involved in the RAF, as young people aren’t aware of the different roles on offer and the opportunities that come with it,” explained one of the RAF officers.

He added: “Furthermore, as an organisation we are trying to reach out to a talent pool of individuals that we haven’t before.

“The older boys were incredibly intrigued by this and interested in learning more about the RAF as a career prospect, something that they hadn’t previously considered.”

The day was finished off with a delicious BBQ provided by two young volunteers working for Street Games – the charity that strives to use sport to make a positive change to disadvantaged young people across the UK.

Qais, a participant from Bradford, said: “Overall, the day was spectacular, there was an amazing turn out to celebrate Wicketz and our communities.

“There was competition, laughter, fun and inspiration, the young people were able to travel from Bradford to Hull, meet new people and see a new place.

“For many of the young people it was the first time they had been able to play cricket at this level since the lockdown. Wicketz encourages young people back into sport and gives them the opportunity to compete and get involved again after a lack of socialising due to the pandemic.

“This festival was the perfect opportunity for this!”

Ben Fraser, the Wicketz Development Officer for Leeds & Bradford, from the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation, added: “It was fantastic to see so many children and young people enjoying playing cricket with one another.

“It was also brilliant to have representatives from the RAF chatting to the young people who were curious about this profession.

“One player from Bradford (Qais) left the event knowing what A-levels he would need to join the RAF as a trainee officer.”

If you are interested in finding out more about our participation programmes, please contact Kendal James, the Participation Manager for the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation, on E:


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