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7 Mar

Opening Boundaries returns to Park Avenue Bradford

Opening Boundaries are delighted to announce they will be hosting the UK Armed forces women’s cricket team for the annual Bowling Out Gender Inequality festival.

After a two-year break, due to COVID the game will be played at Park Avenue Bradford which has seen a huge increase in women and girls’ cricket over the last few years.

Halima Khan, founder of the campaign, said: “There is no hiding from the challenges of the last few years.

“COVID has impacted communities and created huge disparities leading to an increase in inequalities.

“We want to use this event to bring back the importance of how sport can make a positive difference in creating social change.

“We are looking forward to hosting the UKAF Women’s team and showcasing, when we create equitable opportunities in sport, everyone can thrive in a culture where they feel a sense of belonging.”

The event will take place on Friday 29, July 2022, and starts from 10am with all activities FREE of charge to the whole community.

The morning will consist of an opportunity for young people to come along and take part in cricket activities. The UKAF Military engagement will also be onsite to support and provide team building activities for anyone to take part in and raise awareness of what they do and can offer.

Ros Brown, Manager of the UKAF Women’s, stated: “The UK Armed Forces Women’s cricket squad has a longstanding relationship with “Opening Boundaries” a charity that seeks to address gender inequalities nationally and internationally.

“They have been privileged to take part in cricket themed community engagement events for girls and women since 2017 and are therefore delighted and honoured to return to Bradford in partnership with Opening Boundaries to showcase the game they love.

“Sport within the UK Armed Forces remains a vital means of growing leadership, followership, team spirit and respect through inclusivity and diversity.

“Sporting fixtures provide opportunities open to all that are engaging, challenging, and demanding in equal measure.

“Sport has the power to inspire and empower women and girls from all backgrounds and can provide them with a platform to develop, gain confidence and better achieve their potential. The campaign maps perfectly with the core values of the Armed Forces; the recent opening up of combat roles to women shows the importance that the military places on gender equality within the Armed Forces.”

The women’s game will be a played as a Twenty 20 in the afternoon and we encourage everyone to come along and support a great cause.

Lord Kamlesh Patel, Yorkshire County Cricket Club Chair, said: “I am delighted that Opening Boundaries will be returning to Park Avenue for this hugely important event.

“Opening Boundaries do a tremendous amount of work to raise awareness of gender inequality, and Yorkshire Cricket is thrilled to be involved in the return of the annual event in order to help promote equality in sport and wider society.”

Cllr Sarah Ferriby, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Healthy People and Places, added: “I am delighted that Opening Boundaries are able to put on the annual Bowling Out Gender Inequality festival again as we return to normal following the pandemic.

“To host the UK Armed Forces women’s cricket team is a real honour and I know that they will be given a warm welcome. There is no room for inequalities in the Bradford district and I applaud any action being taken to ensure everyone can be treated equally and with respect.”

Bowling Out Gender Inequality festival 2022

When: Friday, 29 July, 2022 – from 10am
Where: Park Avenue Bradford
All activities are free

If you would like to get involved or for further information, please contact Halima Khan at:


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