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14 Apr

Yorkshire Ramadan Cup brings community together

Yorkshire Cricket Foundation (YCF) hosted a community event in celebration of Ramadan.

Ramadan is an annual celebration in the Muslim community. It falls in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar with practising Muslims observing a month of fasting, prayer and community.

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The Foundation hosted the Yorkshire Ramadan Cup 2022 – with people in the community given the opportunity to pray together, play cricket together, and eat together, at Wakefield Football Centre recently.

It’s important because it’s brought a lot of communities together, it’s brought a lot of cohesion to us – Soyeb Kayat, Core Cities Development Officer for Yorkshire Cricket Board (YCB)

The Tapeball Cup competition, using a shortened format of 30 balls per innings, featured two teams each from Sheffield, Bradford and Leeds while a team from Dewsbury and a side from Huddersfield also took part, on Saturday 9 April, 2022.

Soyeb Kayat, Core Cities Development Officer for Yorkshire Cricket Board (YCB), one of the organisers of the event, said: “This community event has brought the four teams together from across Yorkshire.

“It’s important because it’s brought a lot of communities together, it’s brought a lot of cohesion to us. It’s given the opportunity to meet lots of different people and learn new things.”

This year’s final saw an experienced Dewsbury Tapeball team beat a Sheffield side.

The side from West Yorkshire, who batted first, defended an impressive 89 off just five overs.

Pictured, the Dewsbury Tapeball team who beat a Sheffield side in the final

Northern Diamonds cricketer Beth Langston, who helped present the trophies as well as taking part on the day, including helping with umpiring, was one of the guests of the day.

Beth said: “It’s been good to see the different communities coming together and playing the game in the right way, everybody looked like they were really enjoying it and having a great time.

“You could see so much passion from all the players and the cricket has been really exciting.”

During the community event there was the opportunity for participants and members of the community to pray together before and after match play and take part in an iftar meal.

In the month of Ramadan, Muslims do not eat or drink between dawn and evening, with a meal known as iftar taken directly after sunset.

Fasting during Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam. The overall purpose of the fast is to gain Taqwa (which means to gain piety or God-consciousness). This is achieved through an increase in prayers, reading the Qur’an, self-reflection and self-discipline.

Sohail Raz, Diverse Communities Manager for YCF, who has helped organise the community competition, said: “There was a really nice community feel with members of the community fasting, playing, praying and breaking their fasts together to create a real family atmosphere.”

The Yorkshire Ramadan Cup event was just one of the initiatives Yorkshire Cricket is showcasing this month to highlight and support Ramadan 2022.

Yorkshire’s professional squad, academy, Northern Diamonds and staff shared a meal for Iftar recently with Muslim colleagues at Headingley who are currently observing Ramadan.

The evening was led by Imam Qari Asim from Makkah Mosque in Headingley who spoke with staff about the significance of Ramadan in the Muslim faith.


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