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5 Jun

BLOG: Volunteers' Week - Akhil’s Story

Volunteers’ Week 2022 is running from 1-7 June this year.

It is an annual celebration of the contribution millions of people make across the UK through volunteering.

To help celebrate the campaign we would like to take this opportunity to share some of our fantastic volunteer stories with you.

Akhil Adulla, a university student in Leeds, who is currently on a voluntary placement with us in an Event Planning & Marketing assistant role for our Participation theme work, tells us how he first became involved with Yorkshire Cricket Foundation (YCF).

Here is Akhil’s volunteer story…

The first time I became involved with YCF was when I was in university. I was told about the Foundation’s good work from one of my professors and I had a keen interest and contacted him to ask what I could do to be a part of these activities.

When I researched about the projects the Foundation ran, I was interested in helping out communities. In India there is no concept to help communities using cricket as a medium so that’s the one thing I really liked.

I never had any support, even sometimes my parents told me not to play the game, concentrate on your studies. There are kids out there who are financially weak, and they don’t have the access to play the game, so the foundation is really doing a great job helping children, to make sure they get a good game of cricket and that’s what really interested me.

Thanks to volunteering I have had the opportunity to work with people from lots of different communities and backgrounds – Akhil

Pictured, Akhil, back row, left, alongside the YCF team.

Unfortunately there are young people out there who are in difficult and/or challenging financial situations, and they don’t have the access to play cricket, so the Foundation is really doing a great job helping break down barriers for young people and people, to make sure they get a good game of cricket and that’s what really interested me.

Through volunteering with the Foundation I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with the Participation team and help the Indoor Leagues for diverse communities programme, indoor table cricket leagues, the Stanley Mathews programme, and the project supporting refugees. I’ve also helped with lots of Wicketz programmes and Pop-Up cricket as well.

One of the best moments for me was helping support refugees because it was amazing to see the smiles on the young people’s faces – they were really so happy to have the opportunity to play some cricket after such hardship. Through the project young people were also given cricket player jerseys, so it’s really good to see them have a good time after all they went through.

Thanks to volunteering I have had the opportunity to work with people from lots of different communities and backgrounds. I’ve never felt that I’m doing a job that is difficult or I’m doing a job which is very different for me. I’ve always enjoyed working with the people who are interested in cricket and am always interested in helping out people who want to learn more about cricket.

For me when I take part in different projects, the most important thing for me is is helping improve people’s lives and making people happy. If I make at least one person happy because of my contribution I would have done my job.

Through starting volunteering with YCF I have been given the opportunity to do a longer volunteer placement with the team. I’m currently working in the stadium – that is one of the dreams come true moments for me.

Volunteering has helped me in so many ways. I used to be a bit introverted but with volunteering the role itself includes a lot of interaction with other people. I used to get nervous about this but working with the Foundation has really helped with my confidence so now I can go and talk to people professionally.

If you want to make a difference within the community in Yorkshire, and help support people and communities using the power of cricket I would definitely recommend everyone to make some time volunteering for the Foundation!

To find out more about Volunteers’ Week 2022 & our volunteer opportunities, click HERE.


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