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13 Jun

How 'Changemakers' have helped the local community

Over the past couple of months, our NCS (National Citizen Service) team have partnered with their ‘Changemakers’ to launch a series of events, benefitting charities and those living with dementia in the local area.

The ‘Changemakers’ are a variety of young people aged between 16 and 18 who have graduated from the NCS scheme and decided to stay on to become more involved in community work.

Over the past month, this work has consisted of a bake sale to raise money for Mind charity and a bake off in Skipton to assist those living with dementia.

In April, nine of the ‘Changemakers’ partnered with Mind charity, Leeds, to run a bake sale raising money for those living with mental health conditions. The event was held outside Sainsburys in Headingley and raised roughly £80 which they used to invest back into organising a larger bake sale that took place on Wednesday, 1 June.

A tombola and ‘Guess the name of the Bear’ featured at the event as well as a QR code system to make it more accessible for people to donate.

Through both these events, our NCS team and the ‘Changemakers’ have managed to raise £160 which they are currently planning to reinvest into another more profitable event.

What we try and avoid with NCS is saying – here is £200, there you go and we never see it again … we want it to create something more important – Rachel Hildreth, ‘Changemakers’ Lead and NCS Co-ordinator for Yorkshire Cricket Foundation

Pictured: The Leeds ‘Changemakers’ hosting their bake sale in Headingley.

Alongside the bake sale in Headingley, three of the ‘Changemakers’ visited The Wellbeing Café in Skipton on Wednesday, 1 June, to carry out a bake-off event for those living with dementia.

Our NCS team partnered with Morrison’s Champion, Clare, who donated mugs, cake decorating equipment and prizes which minimised costs and therefore maximised profits.

The young people interacted with all those who attended the event and helped them to create their own jubilee inspired cakes, with prizes for the winners of a variety of categories such as ‘Best Appearance’, ‘Messiest’ and ‘Best jubilee themed’.

However, not just the winners left with a prize; everyone who took part was rewarded with a mug, some tea bags and chocolate so that nobody went home empty handed!

Pictured: Participants of the Dementia Cafe bake off competition.

It’s really nice to see the smiles on their faces and these events can be the highlight of their week. The impact is more the mental side of things for these people who don’t get to interact with a lot of people on a regular basis and suffer from quite a debilitating disease as well. This makes social interaction difficult anyway and so conversing with younger people is so important – Ben Marriage, NCS Coordinator

Debby Lennox, the Community Liaison Manager for Dementia Forward, said: “It is wonderful that the young people volunteering through the YCF NCS program have chosen to work with Dementia Forward.

“They not only come up with their own ideas for the sessions, but fundraise to buy the resources, and are then fully invested in delivering their activity.

“Seeing how much pleasure both the people we support and the young volunteers get out of each session is a heart-warming. A shining example of how important intergenerational work is.”

For the future all the young ‘Changemakers’ are planning to continue supporting both of their current partnering charities, Mind and Dementia Forward so that their actions can make a long-term difference.

Despite summer being the busiest time for NCS due to the residential trips, there will be a new enrolment of ‘Changemakers’ who will be encouraged by the current ‘Changemakers’ to get involved and help their mission.

The team are meeting later in the month to discuss how to maximise the impact of the £120 raised in Leeds for Mind and the young people involved in the Skipton events are currently working with Skipton Fire Station to set up a car wash over the summer to raise more funds and spread awareness about Dementia Forward.

Aside from the Leeds and Skipton ‘Changemakers’, the young people in Richmond are aiming to continue their programme from the summer and install an LQBTQ+ mural that they have finished creating to represent the importance of diversity and inclusivity in the local community.

Through a range of fundraising techniques, the young people were able to afford the paint and equipment needed which allowed them to create the mural themselves. The team hope to have the mural on display in Richmond school within the coming month.

Find out more about our NCS work & to get involved visit here.


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