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29 Jul

Weekly Round Up 1 - YCF Adult Hundred 2022

The YCF Hundred adults’ competition is under way with a thrilling competition set for this year as we see the action-packed 100 ball cricket competition opened up to more areas across the region.
Our competition, part of our Hundred in the community programme, runs through July and August annually and is designed to run alongside the ECB Hundred Ball Tournament.

The 2022 season sees more than 350 players across 30 teams in the four areas of Leeds, Bradford, Kirklees, and Sheffield taking part, batting it out for a place in the area finals day, with the winners from each progressing to Yorkshire Hundred Adults finals day on Sunday 4 September at Scarborough Cricket Club.

On July 24, two games from Group A were played as the 14-team league got underway. The frenzy of games will start on July 31 and run across 7 grounds. The league’s best moment already transpired during the inaugural week when a female umpire named “Aarthi” officiated in a match between LSK and YCS at Roundhay Oval.

Week 1: Sunday 24th July
Leeds Super Kings: 161/3 (Vijay 44) v Yorkshire Cricket Stars: 114/7 (Fazan 38)
Yorkshire Strikers: 122/5 (Sri 46) v Wakefield Super Challengers: 101/9 (Berlin 27)

The female umpire who officiated the game between Leeds Super Kings and Yorkshire Cricket Stars at the Roundhay Oval, Aarthi said: “As I am unable to play right now, and cricket is something which has not been just a game for me since I started playing. I wanted to be around cricket somehow. So, this was an opportunity to be on the field and to get involved in the game again and I grabbed that opportunity.

It was a good experience although, disputes are part of every game. And everybody needs to understand that. But there are no way players could get into it in an unprofessional way. Either the captains should talk to each other…or the player who got involved should talk it out off the field.

It was my first time and there were 2 situations like that. So yeah, that’s something to look at from the next game.”

The Bradford Hundred League in partnership with Quaid-e-Azam Cricket League is up and running with games taking place every Tuesday and Thursday of the week. The top three semi-final berths have been secured by Bowling Baptist Bahadurs, Adam Stallions, and Keighley Knight Riders with only one round of league games remaining. Sher Badshah and Manningham Mavericks will compete for a spot in the fourth semi-final, with the latter needing to defeat the former with a higher NRR.

Week 1 – Thursday 14th July
Keighley Knight Riders: 136/8 (A Hussain 40) v Manningham Mavericks: 114/10 (M Siraj 47)
BB Bahadurs: 222/6 (A Nazir 53* retired) v Adam Stallions: 140/10 (Z Javed 4-26)
Sher Badshah: 146/4 (M Naqvi 52* retired) v Kashmir Eagles: 118/4 (U Shakir 43)

Week 2 – Tuesday 19th July
Keighley Knight Riders: 145/7 (A Alishan 4-13) v Sher Badshah: 135/8 (A Alishan 49, Z Ul Abdin 3-11)
BB Bahadurs: 141/9 (A Hussain 51 retired) v Manningham Mavericks: 138/10 (U Ahmed 53*)
Adam Stallions: 204/4 (Z Ahmed 51 retired) v Kashmir Eagles: 145/10 (Z Ahmed 4-34)

Week 3 – Thursday 21st July
Keighley Knight Riders: 111/8 (A Hussain 3-15) v BB Bahadurs: 113/2 (S Hussain 55 retired, T Zardan 33*) (reduced to 75 Balls)
Adam Stallions: 159/8 (A Malik 46) v Sher Badshah: 147/7 (Y Ali 49*, N Safdar 5-42) (reduced to 80 Balls)
Manningham Mavericks v Kashmir Eagles – Rain Abandoned Match, 1 point each

Week 4 – Tuesday 26th July
Keighley Knight Riders v Kashmir Eagles – Rain Abandoned Match, 1 point each
Adam Stallions v Manningham Mavericks – Rain Abandoned Match, 1 point each
BB Bahadurs v Sher Badshah – Rain Abandoned Match, 1 point each

Zain Ul Abdin from Yorkshire Cricket Foundation said: “It’s an exciting time to be playing our first ever hundred ball competition in Bradford.

“The standard of cricket in Bradford is second to none and with the addition of the new format of Hundred, we are looking forward to seeing the community enjoy this tournament and provide them with opportunities to enjoy their cricket.”

The opening game of the league saw a confident and match-winning century (109*) by opener Mustafa Hussain, who helped Pagehall chase 196 which was set by Firth Park Warriors. The chase during the other game only lasted 52 balls thanks to Firvale Falcons’ efforts to limit Tinsley to just 70 runs, resulting in a low-scoring contest. With the league taking place every Monday, we will already have two finalists in two weeks.

Week 1: Monday 25th July
Firth Park Warriors: 195/7 (Danish Hussain 70) v Pagehall Panthers: 196/3 in 96 balls (Mustafa Hussain 109*)
Tinsley Thunder: 70/10 (Saleem Shah 32) v Firvale Falcons: 73/2 in 52 balls (Haroon Tariq 42*)

Awais Ishfaq, Captain of Firth Park Warriors said “Fireworks today at Caribbeans, we saw nearly 200 chased down in 100 balls. Amazing to see the whole community come and support the first YCF Hundred in Sheffield; great organisation, quality umpiring and plenty of entertainment to come!”

With the completion of the league games, the Kirklees league now has four semi-finalists in Kashmir CC, Kashmir Tigers, Pavillion Boys, and Linthwaite CC. August 2nd is the scheduled date for Semi-final One between Kashmir CC and Kashmir Tigers. Due to their unblemished qualifying records, both clubs have performed well this season. The top 7 batsmen for Kashmir CC, who are led by Towneville CC skipper Abdul Wahid, have all been praised as the best batting team in the competition.

On the other hand, Kashmir Tigers boast a lethal bowling line-up that can cause issues for any batsmen. It will be a real 50/50 battle and a great contest between bat and bowl. The Pavilion Boys, led by the motivational Muhammad Ali (Golcar CC), and the underdogs Linthwaite CC will face off in the second semi-final. Abdullah Manzoor, an overseas talent who has been on fire since joining Linthwaite and has taken 50+ wickets for the season, including a 10-wicket haul on debut, is among the members of Linthwaite. However, Linthwaite are a dangerous team who are more than capable of pulling off an upset.


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