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9 Aug

YCF Junior Hundred 2022

YCF Hundred – Juniors (12–15-year old’s)

The YCF Junior Hundred is an action-packed cricket competition made simpler – most runs wins.
To give cricket opportunities to a larger audience, we organised and led the junior Hundred competitions in each of our core cities in 2022 through collaboration with the ECB Hundred in August. The champions of the individual city competitions conducted in Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield, and Kirklees competed for the coveted trophy on the Yorkshire Hundred finals day at Park Avenue, Bradford, on August 4, 2022.

16 teams, 30 games, 128 kids in the 12 to 15 age range, and a minimum of three girls on each squad took part in the competition. The competition, which was an 8-aside softball game, placed a big emphasis on enjoyment and fun. Every player who took part in the competition will be given complimentary Hundred tickets to watch the Northern Superchargers take part at Headingley Stadium. Through this amazing opportunity the players will have a great match day experience which will include VIP seating, player meet and greet, free lunch and a NS goody bag.

Leeds Junior Hundred: 27/07/22
Six teams were split into two groups, and two teams from each group advanced to the semi-finals. All four teams—Beeston Bears, Hamara Titans, Harehills Hawks, and United Friends —made it to the semi-finals except for Leeds Gladiators and Hyde Park Tigers who got eliminated from the league stage.

The final match, which came down to the wire, featured the winners of the two semi-finalists, Hare Hills Hawks and United Friends. When the Hare Hills Hawks set a modest target, the United Friends needed 6 off the final 5 set, and the first four balls yielded no runs. The United Friends batter maintained his composure and pulled off a brilliant win with a last ball six. As a result, they were crowned Junior Leeds Hundred winners.

Bradford Junior Hundred: 02/08/22
Bankfoot Juniors, Hanover Square, Manningham Stars, and Salem Juniors were the four teams competed in Bradford’s YCF Junior Hundred. Salem Juniors squared off against Bankfoot Juniors in the league’s knockout style, while Manningham Stars faced Hanover Square. Bankfoot Juniors and Hanover Square, the winners of the preliminary matches, competed in the finals, with Bankfoot chasing their target in just 35 balls.

Sheffield Junior Hundred: 29/07/22
Burngreave Juniors, Darnall Juniors, and Netheredge Juniors were the three teams that competed in the Sheffield YCF Junior Hundred. The league was set up in a round-robin format, where each team played the other two teams once before the top two advanced to the finals. Against Netheredge Juniors, Burngreave Juniors required just 26 balls to reach their modest 35-run target with 10 wickets remaining.

Kirklees Junior Hundred: 27/07/22
Street Gang, Young Eagles, and Young Lions were the three teams who competed in the Kirklees YCF Junior Hundred. The league was set up in a round-robin format, where each team played the other two teams once. After the round-robin games, the top team, Young Eagles, with 4 points, was declared the league champion.

Yorkshire Junior Hundred Finals Day: 04/08/22

At the Bradford Park Avenue, the winners from Leeds (United Friends), Bradford (Bankfoot Juniors), Sheffield (Burngreave Juniors), and Kirklees (Young Eagles) competed in the Yorkshire Junior Hundred Finals. The seedings were determined by the draws that were made, with Leeds playing Bradford in the first semi-final and Kirklees taking on Sheffield in the second.

Semi-final 1:
The outcome of the semi-final match between Leeds and Bradford could only go Leeds’ way. Bradford, who had to bat first after winning the toss and receiving a 25-run penalty for the absence of a female player, struggled. Leeds successfully chased down Bradford’s low score of 70 in just 35 balls. Hussain Asim was named Player of the Match for his all-around performance with the ball and bat.

Bradford Juniors: 70 all-out (76 balls) M Yusuf 18, Kainaat 18, H Asim 2/3
Leeds Juniors: 72/2 (35 balls) H Asim 22, L Sandhu 11*, M Nuh 1/7

Semi-final 2:
After winning the toss and choosing to bat first in the second semi-final, Sheffield Juniors got 140 on the board with their opener Hasan Ali scoring 63 off just 38 balls. Kirklees Juniors struggled to match the required run rate when the chase started, therefore they were never in the contest. Once all 100 balls had been played, they had 103.

Sheffield Juniors: 140 all-out (95 balls) H Ali 63, F Ul Khan 26, A Shehzad 2/26
Kirklees Juniors: 103/5 (100 balls) M Makda 29, F Patel 21, S Noor 2/20

In the final match for the silverware, the two best teams from four cities faced off. The Sheffield Juniors asked the Leeds Juniors to bat first after winning the toss without hesitation. The first two batters for Leeds were cheaply dismissed, and then their third batter. Uttam, who came in at number 4, and Leeds’ captain Lyle Sandhu, who batted in at number 5, helped to stabilize the situation by putting some runs together and lifting their team’s total to a respectable total of 125. Uttam finished unbeaten with 23, while Lyle finished unbeaten with 45.

Sheffield’s Hasan Ali put his all into his 20-ball spell, giving up just 12 runs while also taking a wicket. Sheffield Juniors began their chase with all their might. M. Bukhari and F. Ul. Khan, their opening pair, dominated the bowling attack and managed a few hits early in the innings. H Ali and captain Rizwan Ishfaq resumed the charge when the openers got dismissed by the Leeds captain Lyle. With an unbeaten 32 from just 19 balls, Rizwan led his team to victory in the match that mattered the most. For the Leeds Juniors, Lyle was the only bowler to earn some wickets. As a result, Sheffield Juniors won the inaugural YCF Junior Hundred.
Leeds Juniors: 124/3 (100 balls) L Sandhu 45*, Uttam L 23*, H Ali 1/12
Sheffield Juniors: M Bukhari 33, R Ishfaq 31*, L Sandhu 3/14

Sohail Raz, Diverse Communities Manager for YCF, and Organizer of the YCF Junior Hundred, said: This is the first year that we have organised and run a junior Hundred competition and it’s been brilliant to get so much positive feedback from the players and parents. The girls were fantastic and got involved too and it’s great to see that they enjoyed taking part. Next year we will work on having a girl only Hundred to really support the growth.

I’d like to thank the parents and coaches for helping through the local competitions across the 4 areas of Leeds, Bradford Sheffield, and Kirklees, without their support it wouldn’t have been possible.”


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