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20 Oct

YCF Indoor Cricket League round-up

The YCF Indoor Cricket League 2022 is under way with a thrilling competition set for this year as we see the action-packed soft ball competition take place across several areas in the region.

Our flagship league in Leeds, in partnership with LPL, has opened to more teams across the city this year. For the 2022 winter season there are 48 participants taking part across eight teams, with each team batting it out for a place in the final’s day on Sunday, 20 November, at Leeds City Academy.

Our competition, part of our core cities programme, runs through October and November annually and is designed to run alongside the similar soft ball leagues in Sheffield and Bradford.

Akhil Adulla reports on all the latest results from round the region…


Teams: Leeds Indian Super Kings (LISK), Leeds Indians (LI), Leeds Lethal (LL), Lion Heart (LH), NHSDEX Champs (NDC), Superchargers (SC), Thanks for Coming (TFC), The Unknowns (TU).

Week 3 results

Match 9 – NDC: 96/6 (9.3) beat TU: 88/6 (12) by 8 runs. P.O.T.M: Nadeem Shefta

Match 10 – LL: 46/4 (9.2) beat LH: 45/6 (8.3) by 2 wkts. P.O.T.M: Santhosh Kumar

Match 11 – TFC: 47/1 (5) beat LISK: 46/6 (5.4) by 5 wkts. P.O.T.M: Giles Constantine

Match 12 – LI: 90/4 (12) beat SC: 84/4 (12) by 6 runs. P.O.T.M: Vinnie Patel

Vinnie Patel, pictured above and player of the match from Team Leeds Indian, said: “As someone who lives and breathes cricket the autumn/winter indoor cricket league enables everyone to enjoy competitive cricket all year round at a fantastic facility that is Leeds City College.

“The indoor game demands players to use a different technique compared to outdoor which encourages the development of different skill sets. As a result, the league is full of unusual and interesting things such as mystery spinners, inventive field settings, power-plays, and unorthodox batsman.”

For Live Scores, Match Results, Stats, Points Table, and Fixtures, click on the link below:

YCF LPL Indoor Cricket League 2022 – Leeds


Teams: Burngreave Tigers (BT), Darnall Dynamites (DD), Firth-Park Warriors (FPW), Firvale Falcons (FF), Lanetop Lions (LL), Handsworth Strikers (HS), Pagehall Panthers (PP), Pitsmoor Avengers (PA).

Week 4 results

Match 13 – PA: 93/3 (9.1) beat LL: 87/4 (12) by 4 wkts. P.O.T.M: M Choudhury

Match 14 – PP: 101/7 (11.4) beat FF: 92/6 (12) by 9 runs. P.O.T.M: Irfan Khan

Match 15 – BT: 98/5 (9.4) beat DD: 94/5 (12) by 2 wkts. P.O.T.M: Arman Ahmed

Match 16 – HS: 114/3 (11.2) beat FPW: 113/7 (10.4) by 4 wkts. P.O.T.M: Naseem Khan

Pictured, action from week four of the competition.

Hamzah Hussain, the Community Development Officer for Sheffield for the YCF and organiser of the Sheffield Indoor Cricket League, said: “All eight teams are balanced and competitive thanks to the selection process; we have a strong community of volunteers helping from umpiring to commentating.

“We’re playing a larger venue – EIS (English Institute of Sport)– for the first time with plenty of space for spectators. Everyone is welcome to come on watch Friday nights with the final taking place on November 18th. So far, the atmosphere has been electric!”

For Live Scores, Match Results, Stats, Points Table, and Fixtures, click on the link below:

YCF Indoor Cricket League 2022 – Sheffield Results


The Bradford league is set to start soon with the below teams taking part.

Teams: AK Eagles (AK), Bengal Tigers (BT), Salem (SL), Shahbaz Qalandars (SQ), Swat Zalmi (SZ), University of Bradford (UoB)

The top four teams will advance to the semi-finals after each team plays all other five teams in a round-robin format over the course of five weeks. The semi-finals and the final game will both be held in week six.

Venue: All the games are being played at Grange Interlink, BD7 1PX


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