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1 Nov

Q & A: Jay Chhana - Yorkshire Cricket College tutor

One of Yorkshire Cricket Foundation’s vital themes of work is Education – with the Foundation’s education programmes using cricket and the aspirational environment and facilities at Headingley to give young people an inspiring educational experience which provides a better future for our communities.

Our award-winning Yorkshire Cricket College (YCC) is one of our core strands to our Education offer – offering two brilliant qualifications for students aged 16-18 years old:

• NCFE Level 3 Extended Diploma In Sport
• Level 3 BTEC In Business

Both courses are delivered exclusively at Headingley Stadium, working in partnership with education provider SCL and delivery partner Pro Coach.

Introducing Jay Chhana, one of our dedicated YCC tutors, who started with the Foundation team at the beginning of term – in September this year. Jay has a focus to educate and progress the students on their two-year journey ensuring they reach their academic and personal targets.

Previously Jay was a lead level 3 BTEC tutor within a football academy based in Rochdale, developing learners’ knowledge and physical aspects of sports.

Jay spoke about his journey with YCF…

Pictured from left, bottom row, Jay, alongside fellow students and coaches.

What attracted you to joining the Yorkshire Cricket College?
“First of all it was exciting to have the opportunity to work with new students and challenge them while also challenging myself. Also it was important for me to work with students from lots of different backgrounds, help them progress and help them achieve bright futures – whether that’s seeing them go onto university, achieve apprenticeships and going into work roles.

“Also being able to work at the top-class facilities – Headingley is a world class stadium, alongside unbelievable staff, that’s something that attracted me as well.”

What do you enjoy about tutoring at the Yorkshire Cricket College?
“What I really like about my job role is seeing students work and engage in my lessons. I also like the variety of work we can set – that might be group projects or working individually. I’ve been really impressed so far with the work they are producing.

“It’s also been interesting to teach some of the topics and get their views and opinions on some of the projects or the subjects that they are working on. What I also like is watching them progress onto university, apprenticeships, job roles knowing that I’ve added a bit of their success within them and watching them develop really.”

How are you supporting young students in their journey?
“The way I’m supporting my learners through their journey at Yorkshire Cricket College is basically providing them with key knowledge on the sports subjects that they are most interested in.

“For example at the moment we are looking in-depth at Anatomy and Physiology (A&P), and one of the topic areas is injuries and treatment. We are also looking at group leadership and how teams form together. So, that’s one way I’m providing support with them giving them all the information.

“I’m also providing information on UCAS applications, this is especially important for second year’s at the moment and for those that want to go onto the university. Structuring their UCAS application, looking at what universities to go to, what’s the best choice of university for them and also what choice of course they wanted to do there as well. So, giving them insights from my experiences but also letting them know that they can be difficult and some key points that might work for them going forward as well.”

What is your background in sport?
“My background in sport is mainly Cricket. I actually played for and represented Lancashire County Cricket Club when I was younger for a number of years so, it’s nice to comeback to a Cricket setting and deliver education to learners. But although Cricket in my main kind of background, I’ve also worked in an education settings for Football and Rugby students – this included being a lead level 3 BTEC tutor within a football academy based in Rochdale.”

Yorkshire Cricket College Open Evenings 2022

Tuesday 29th November – 7pm – 8pm

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