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15 Nov

YCF Indoor League finals set for Sheffield & Leeds

Yorkshire Cricket Foundation (YCF) is all set to host community finals in celebration of the Indoor Cricket League this weekend.

The Foundation is hosting the YCF Indoor Cricket League adults finals in Sheffield and Leeds.

In Sheffield, Firth Park Warriors will take on Pitsmoor Avengers in the first semi-final followed by the clash between Pagehall Panthers and Burngreave Tigers, at the English Institute of Sport (EIS), this Friday, 18 November.

Awais Ishfaq, Captain of Burngreave Tigers, said: “We’re here to win, we’ve got all the tools for the job, and we believe in ourselves.”

Adil Ibrahim, a player from Pitsmoor Avengers, said: “We’re proud to have played against the best talented street players in Sheffield and make it this far.

“Win or lose, I’m happy the league is bringing the community together in a safe, family-friendly, and supportive environment.”

YCF Indoor Cricket League Final – Sheffield
Venue: EIS Sheffield – finals will take place in the end court, Netball Hall.
Timings: Semi-final 1: Firth Park Warriors v Pitsmoor Avengers – 5.30pm
Semi-final 2: Pagehall Panthers v Burngreave Tigers – 6.30pm
Final – 7.30pm
Trophy presentation – 8.30pm/9pm

In Leeds finals will take place for our flagship league in Leeds, at Leeds City Academy, this Sunday, 20 November.

Leeds Indians take on Lion Heart in the first semi-final followed by the crunch tie between Superchargers and The Unknowns.

Viraj Bhosale, Umpire in the LPL YCF Indoor League, said: “Yorkshire Cricket Foundation has offered great opportunity to all the cricket lovers who want to enhance their cricketing skills.

“They helped to develop skills in indoor areas with more fielders, that guarantees batting and bowling to all the players in a team.

“The organisers are on point with everything concerned – the fixtures, venue, rules, facilities, umpires, and welfare of everybody involved. It wasn’t only orchestrated to have fun but also foster social relationships.”

YCF Indoor Cricket League Final – Leeds

Location: Leeds City Academy – LS6 2LG

Timings: Semi-final 1: Leeds Indians v Lion Heart – 6pm
Semi-final 2: Superchargers v The Unknowns – 7pm
Final – 8pm
Trophy presentation – 9pm

Pictured team Superchargers, who take on The Unknowns in the semi-final on Sunday.

The Sheffield and Leeds indoor finals follow seven weeks of exciting cricket competition action.

Our competition, part of our core cities programme, runs through October and November annually and is designed to run alongside the similar soft ball leagues in Bradford and Kirklees.

Below Akhil Adulla reports on how our Sheffield and Leeds teams made it to the final and all the latest results from round the region…


Teams: Burngreave Tigers (BT), Darnall Dynamites (DD), Firth-Park Warriors (FPW), Firvale Falcons (FF), Lanetop Lions (LL), Handsworth Strikers (HS), Pagehall Panthers (PP), Pitsmoor Avengers (PA).

Week 7 results

Match 25 – LL: 95/5 (12) beat FF: 45/7 (7.5) by 50 runs. Player of the match (P.O.T.M): Danyaal Latif

Match 26 – FPW: 80/4 (7.3) beat BT: 79/7 (10.3) by 3 wkts. P.O.T.M: Asif Muhmad

Match 27 – PA: 95/0 (8.5) beat PP: 94/6 (12) by 7 wkts. P.O.T.M: Saqib Hussain

Match 28 – DD: 109/4 (12) beat HS: 63/7 (7.3) by 46 runs. P.O.T.M: Arslan Tariq

For Live Scores, Match Results, Stats, Points Table, and Fixtures, click on the link below:

YCF Indoor Cricket League 2022 – Sheffield Results


Teams: Leeds Indian Super Kings (LISK), Leeds Indians (LI), Leeds Lethal (LL), Lion Heart (LH), NHSDEX Champs (NDC), Superchargers (SC), Thanks for Coming (TFC), The Unknowns (TU).

Week 5 Results

Match 25 – SC: 88/6 (12) beat LISK: 64/6 (10) by 24 runs. P.O.T.M: Krutik Patel

Match 26 – LH: 53/6 (7.1) beat LI: 21/6 (4.1) by 32 runs. P.O.T.M: Rahul Ravindran

Match 27 – LL: 87/6 (10.2) beat NDC: 25/6 (8.3) by 62 runs. P.O.T.M: Ram Nishanth

Match 28 – TU: 24/0 (3.1) beat TFC: 18/6 (16.3) by 6 wkts. P.O.T.M: Sannop Krishnan

For Live Scores, Match Results, Stats, Points Table, and Fixtures, click on the link below:

YCF LPL Indoor Cricket League 2022 – Leeds


Teams: AK Eagles (AK), Bengal Tigers (BT), Salem (SL), Shahbaz Qalandars (SQ), Swat Zalmi (SZ), Bradford Jaguars (BJ)

Week 4 Results

Match 10 – SZ: 106/0 (6.1) beat BT: 103/5 (9.2) by 6 wkts. P.O.T.M: Abdullah Khan

Match 11 – BJ: 66/5 (6.1) beat AK: 63/6 (5.5) by 1 wkt. P.O.T.M: Safwatt Shehzad

Match 12 – SQ: 122/3 (10) beat SL: 87/6 (8.3) by 35 runs. P.O.T.M: Adal Islam

Mohammad Khuzaifa, co-ordinator of this league, said: “After the results this week we have two teams that have more or less reached the semi-finals, but the last two spots is a fight between three teams, all level on six points.

“They not only have to win themselves but have other results go their way in the final group stage games, should be a fun last group games week with everyone bringing their best teams to try reach the finals day.”

For Live Scores, Match Results, Stats, Points Table, and Fixtures, click on the link below:

YCF Hardball Indoor League 2022 – Bradford Results


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