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21 Dec

BLOG: Changemakers in the community 2022

Over the past year, our NCS (National Citizen Service) team have supported our ‘Changemakers’ to launch a series of events and fundraisers to help support a number of oragnisations and charities across Yorkshire.

The ‘Changemakers’ are a variety of young people aged between 16 and 18 who have graduated from the NCS scheme and decided to stay on to become more involved in community work.

Our fantastic Changemakers have helped on a number of incredible projects throughout the year – Rachel Hildreth, NCS Coordinator

Rachel Hildreth, one of our NCS Coordinators, who has supported the Changemakers, takes a look back on all the good work the have done in the community in the past year….

Here at the Foundation, we are committed to making a difference and do our bit in helping young people make a real difference in the community.

Our fantastic Changemakers have helped on a number of incredible projects throughout the year in three different areas in Yorkshire.

In Leeds between January – June our Changemakers worked hard on a number of projects to raise money and awareness for MIND Leeds – a charity the group felt very passionate about following the Covid pandemic.

They ran a family fun day, which included a bake sale, tombola and ‘guess the name of the Teddy’ in the centre of Headingley to lift people sprits. Our Changemakers also took part in a project called ‘Mind Rocks’, where they painted rocks with positive messages.

I total they managed to raise £150 which was donated to support MIND Leeds.

In Leeds our Changemakers have worked hard on a number of projects to raise money and awareness for MIND Leeds – including a bake sale in Headingley.

Following a very successful NCS summer programme we gained 20 new young people to join our Changemakers programme.

During the summer one of our groups raised more than £1200 for the Sick Children’s Trust which sponsored a family room at Eckersley House for 16 nights.

And in September we decided to continue supporting this local charity in the lead up to Christmas and build on the relationship to make an even more positive difference for Eckersley House.

Our young people met with Jane McHale, the Eckersley House Manager, on a number of occasions and starting from November they ran some great fundraising events.

This included a sponsored walk, bake sale and visiting the charity to really develop an understanding on how they could help develop a longer lasting legacy.

Some of the young people have been running their own fundraisers at their colleges this has included litter picks and selling Christmas stockings which helped to raise money to buy Christmas presents for their families.

Six of the young people also volunteered their own time to visit Eckerlsey house to put Christmas trees up and make the house look festive.

Changemakers helping make the Sick Children’s Trust – Eckersley House festive.

On the 14th December the Leeds Changemakers got together for the final time before Christmas. In total from their own fundraising they raised £95 and spent the evening buying items from the wish lists for Christmas Hampers including toiletries, Christmas crackers, juice, chocolate and biscuits for the families while their children are being cared for at the children’s hospital.

Jane McHale said: “Thank you so much for all your hard work, the group are amazing!”

For our Changemakers in Skipton and Keighley earlier in the year we partnered up with Dementia Forward in Skipton and ran several events to support those living with dementia.

In Easter the young people ran a special ‘Easter Bingo’ competition at a local church hall for people and then in June they visited the Wellbeing Café in Skipton to carry out a bake-off event.

Our NCS team partnered with Morrison’s Champion, Clare, who donated mugs, cake decorating equipment and prizes which minimised costs and therefore maximised profits.

The young people interacted with all those who attended the event and helped them to create their own jubilee inspired cakes, with prizes for the winners of a variety of categories such as ‘Best Appearance’, ‘Messiest’ and ‘Best jubilee themed’.

However, not just the winners left with a prize; everyone who took part was rewarded with a mug, some tea bags and chocolate so that nobody went home empty handed!

Changemakers helped run a special bake-off event at the Wellbeing Café in Skipton, to support those living with Dementia.

Once a month a group of Changemakers from the Keighley and Skipton have also been meeting at Craven College. Regularly we have had 18 young people attending and they finished off 2022 by donating loads of toys, books and crafts for the elderly and children’s ward at Airedale Hospital and in total created more than 50 presents for patients over the Christmas period.

And finally following on from 2021 our Richmond Changemakers have been working on a “War of Rights” LGBTQ+ mural to be placed in Richmond as they feel there is the need for a strong movement for awareness and support for these groups as they feel under represented in their local area.

What an incredible year for our Changemakers – well done to everyone who has been involved.


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