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1 Sep

Top Gun Finishing School

With the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation’s Top Gun final just 4 days away Mark Fisher, Matty Scarr, Elliot Richardson and Michael Jepps continued their journey to the final with a private bowling session with Pro Coach’s Chris Brice, one of the the top coaches in the county.

The fastest 4 bowlers from the North, South, East and West of Yorkshire enjoyed a 2 hour concentrated session that included video analysis and the speed gun to gauge progression throughout the session. Each bowler spent time with Chris who provided tailored feedback according to the individual bowler’s needs and technique.

The aim of today’s session was very much quality over quantity. Today’s session was the first time the lads have seen each other bowl, they all reacted well and bowled some quick balls. One bowler gained 3mph during the session through some simple advice; it’s any ones competition on the day. All four lads are already very good bowlers with strong actions; it was a case of small adjustments and keeping things as simple as possible. It was a great session and will hopefully help to add the crucial 2 or 3 mph needed to take the Top Gun title. Good luck to all four bowlers, I’m sure the adrenalin of bowling at the interval of the ODI on Friday will give them all a boost.

Chris Brice, Pro Coach

After weeks of heats around the county and 4 regional finals, the 4 fastest bowlers from each region will compete in the county final during the interval of the One-Day-International at Headingley on Friday where the fastest bowler will be crowed the inaugural 2014 Top Gun champion.

From top left – Mark Fisher – Sheriff Hutton Bridge CC (North), Elliot Richardson – Woodlands CC (West), Matty Scarr – Hull Zingari CC (East) and Mike Jepps – Kexborough CC (South)


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