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28 Jan

Catch Up Club at YCCC

The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation and Leeds Peer Support Service, Adult Social Care have begun to work in partnership to create an experience to connect people to their love of cricket. The Catch Up Club provides facilitated sessions for people living with dementia and their partners to be involved in the cricket experience.

Based at Headingley Cricket Ground, the topic of conversation centres around Yorkshire County Cricket Club, giving those in attendance the inspiration to reminisce and evoke precious memories of their favourite former and current players, famous matches they have witnessed watching Yorkshire and England plus other related topics that may be inspired over a cup of tea and biscuit!

We aim to improve wellbeing, self-esteem and increase positive opportunities for people living with dementia…..The partnership between the Foundation and Peer Support Service complement each other by drawing on each organisations expertise. Bringing together valuable knowledge and skills from the game of cricket and dementia support, creating a dementia friendly environment.

Debbie Marshall – Peer Support Co-ordinator

Bob, 66, of Headingley, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s over three years ago. He said: “When the peer support service came into my life, I was in a very bad way. They invited me to meetings to talk to other people with dementia. After a while, I realised that other people were doing and thinking things I thought only I was. I got a bit more confidence to open up – that’s when you start feeling better. Knowing that there’s support out there means everything.”

Visits to YCCC started in January 2015 and it is hoped that they will continue over the course of the year, creating a strong support network for sports and more specifically cricket supporters who are suffering with this disease which can lead to isolation and loss of independence.


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