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16 Jun

Wetherby Wrinklies progress in GFT 2015!

Wetherby Wrinklies progress into the next round, as the Group Stages in Grey Fox Trophy get going!

With the 2015 season now well under way, the Grey Fox Trophy, an over 50’s competition for Yorkshire based clubs, had its first club progress to the next stage.

Congratulations to the Wetherby Wrinklies, whom have now completed both of their group fixtures, recording two wins to take them one step closer to appearing in the semi-finals at Headingley. An overview of the fixtures already played can be found below:

Group 2:
Mirfield Harry Lime 147 -6 (30 overs) vs Wetherby Wrinklies 162 -8 (30 overs)
Wetherby Wrinklies 161-6 (23.3) vs Great Horton Church 159-9 (24.5)

Group 3:
York Vale Veterans 118-6 (30 overs) vs Hall Park Templars 121-5

Group 4:
Bolton Villas 148-4 (24.3 overs) vs Dales Dragons 141-7 (30 overs)

All reports from fixtures so far have noted the Great Spirit in which the games have been played, displaying the true ethos of the Grey Fox Trophy!

Unfortunately Central Yorkshire have decided to pull out of the competition for this season, due to a number of long-term injuries and poor availability. Therefore, Group 5 leaves a straight shoot out for top spot between Wellington Goldfish and Norton Ancients.

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