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19 Jun

Education Day 26th June!

Emerald Education Day is just a week away! The day brings together 20 schools for an educational and fun day of workshops outside of the classroom, with a chance to play cricket on the outfield!

A grand total of 600 children will come to Headingley on the 26th June to participate in workshops of all varieties! Emerald education day is about bringing groups of children together and encouraging community spirit and interaction between different schools, whilst also keeping the rich heritage of cricket alive and active among youngsters.

We have some fantastic workshops planned, with sessions from Dance Studio Leeds, who will be teaching the children the art of the Haka war cry and how to perform it, which is themed around the visiting international teams to Headingley, which this year is Australia and New Zealand.

We have law film Pinsent and Masons who will host a negotiation workshop, splitting the groups into two and teaching children how to come to mutual agreements.

Yorkshire Cancer Research will also be there raising awareness and holding workshops based on their sun awareness campaign to emphasise the importance of staying safe in the sun.

In addition, our partners ProCoach will be there, holding the cricket sessions, which every child will have the chance to play throughout the day.

At the end of the day, we aim to do a large scale Haka performance with all 600 children, which will be spectacular to behold!


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