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13 Aug

Yorkshire Cricket Board District Schools Finals!

Yorkshire Cancer Research headed to East Bierley CC for the Yorkshire Cricket Board District Schools Finals, to raise awareness of their Don’t Get Caught Out by Cancer sun awareness campaign.

On 10th June, schools came together at East Bierley CC for the under 11’s mixed schools finals. It was extremely exciting for Yorkshire Cancer Research as it was their first engagement for the partnership and the sun awareness campaign with schools.

Our Community Engagement Officer, Sophie Bunker, went down to the club to introduce herself, Yorkshire Cancer Research and the sun awareness campaign in the welcome talk and encouraged both children and teachers to come and talk to her about the campaign.

Some children approached Sophie on their own to ask questions and find out more information, and it was great to see them get so involved. Others came in groups with teachers and were just as engaged. They asked questions like ‘how do we get skin cancer?’ and ‘what are UV rays?’ so it was fantastic to see that the children were really thinking about the information they had been presented with and taking on board what was being said.

“It was great to have Sophie down at our East Bierley finals and the children were really interested in what she was telling them. It’s always good to raise awareness and to educate the children in staying safe in the sun. We hope to see Sophie and Yorkshire Cancer Research at future events” – Rachel Hargreaves, School Games Organiser at Accelerate/Tong High School.

Yorkshire Cancer Research also gave the new UV wristbands away at the event, to children, parents and spectators alike so they could see for themselves the harmful damage UV rays can cause.

For more information about how schools can get involved in the campaign, please contact Sophie on or 07470 057493.


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