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3 Mar

Hold your own 'Yorkshire V Cancer' Fundrasing Match!

Yorkshire Cancer Research is urging cricket clubs throughout the region to hold a ‘Yorkshire V Cancer’ fundraising match during Sun Awareness Week in May.

The charity launched a Sun Awareness campaign last year as part of a two-year partnership with Yorkshire County Cricket Club, the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation and the Yorkshire Cricket Board.

Throughout the 2015 season, Yorkshire Cancer Research attended cricket matches at local, national and international level, as well as Pro Coach Cricket Academy events, to raise awareness of the dangers of the sun among players and spectators of all ages.

“Last year a few local clubs held a fundraising day, including Cawthorne Cricket Club which managed to raise more than £2,000. This year, we’re hoping even more clubs will get on board and help us ‘knock cancer for six’ -Sophie Bunker, Community Engagement Officer

Staff and volunteers gave away UV wristbands that change colour in UV light and act as a reminder to apply sunscreen. They also provided free sunscreen and gave away information leaflets featuring advice on how to stay safe in the sun and how to spot signs and symptoms of skin cancer.

Cases of skin cancer in Yorkshire increased by 67% between 2001 and 2013, and exposure to the sun, or sunbeds, is the cause of 86% of cases. It is estimated that 80% of lifetime exposure to the sun occurs during childhood, and one blistering sunburn can double the risk of getting skin cancer later in life.

This year, the charity is encouraging all 778 local clubs in Yorkshire to get behind the campaign and help to raise funds. The Aire-Wharfe League, the Halifax League and the Bradford Junior League have already agreed to support the charity and is asking all its clubs to hold a fundraising event during the awareness week, which takes place from May 7 to 15.

Clubs or businesses that choose to host a fundraising day will receive a ‘Yorkshire V Cancer’ fundraising pack, which includes hints, tips and promotional materials to get events up and running!

“All the money raised during Sun Awareness Week will go straight back into the campaign and help us get the sun safety message out to even more people. It’s incredibly important that everyone learns about the dangers of the sun. Skin cancer is extremely preventable, and simple steps such as staying in the shade, using sunscreen and wearing protective clothing such as a hat can reduce the risk throughout later life.”

For more information about holding a ‘Yorkshire V Cancer’ cricket match, visit or contact Sophie by emailing or calling 07470 057493.


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