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23 May

The Yorkies are back!

The Major Match Day Support Team, ‘The Yorkies’ are back and starting the 2016 season with the England V Sri Lanka Test Match!

The Yorkies made their debut in the 2015 Test Match between England and New Zealand, and were a massive success throughout the season at major matches.

They are based in and around the stadium, on gates, at local train stations, in the YCCC shops and ticket office. They handed out information, maps and advice, making sure that everyone who walked through the gates had the best possible greeting they could.

They are easily identifiable with their bright blue T-shirts, with Yorkshire slogans ‘Ay up’ and ‘Ow can I help thee?’ and they will be around to give you a helping hand at T20 blasts and the ODI in September.

The Yorkies were a great addition to the Test Match. I was greeted before I even entered the gates, and when I was unsure of where to go, one of the Yorkies actually took me to the right place, nothing was too much trouble. Great start to the day! -Test Match Spectator

If you would like to find out more information or be part of the Yorkie Team, contact and


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