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15 Jun

The Yorkies take to Scarborough!

Since their debut in 2015, the Yorkie team have been a massive success.

Starting the 2016 season with the England V Sri Lanka Test Match, they have been and will be present at all Major Matches here at Headingley. We’ve had some brilliant feedback confirming just how great they are, that’s why we’ve decided to take the Yorkies ‘on tour’, all the way to Scarborough with us!

They are easily identifiable with their bright blue T-shirts, with Yorkshire slogans ‘Ay up’ and ‘Ow can I help thee?’ and they will be around to give you a helping hand!

Look out for them at both Headingley and Scarborough fixtures!

Since the inception of the Yorkie Team in 2015, we have grown as a team, with returning and new Yorkies for this season. There’s a real sense of team spirit and they have been absolutely brilliant so far, a sign of things to come! By having a Yorkie presence at Scarborough, we aim to provide a further welcoming and friendly environment, making sure that everyone who enters the gates has the best possible start to their day, just like they do here at Headingley! Keep an eye out for them at upcoming fixtures!
-Charlotte Jones, The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation

If you would like to be part of the Yorkie Team or would like more information, please contact Charlotte: Or Joanne:


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