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7 Jun

Memory Lane Mondays

Yorkshire Cricket Foundation are looking forward to launching their very own Sporting Memories group Memory Lane Mondays. This group will further contribute to the Foundation’s Older People’s Project and provide already established groups and individuals who are highlighted as at risk of, or already suffering from mental health conditions, dementia and/or social isolation with an incredible opportunity to socialise with peers and reminisce upon otherwise locked away memories.

In early 2016, Yorkshire Cricket Foundation established a partnership with Sporting Memories Network whose main goal is to support those suffering from dementia, poor mental health and social isolation by providing them with an opportunity to engage in social activities, where their sporting memories are provoked using a variety of cues.

Yorkshire, and Headingley in particular, have produced some unforgettable sporting moments. By holding Memory Lane Mondays at Headingley Stadium, the Foundation hope this will spark further recollection of memories and create a welcoming environment for those attending. Although the Foundation currently facilitate other Sporting Memories groups at the stadium such as Lads Lunch and Catch Up Club, Memory Lane Mondays will differ slightly by inviting all organisations and individuals to attend together.

Memory Lane Mondays will be an open group for all of those who meet the criteria and are looking for something a little bit different. The Foundation are looking to incorporate Sporting Memories workshops with opportunities to see Headingley Stadium. This group will serve as an opportunity for residents of Leeds to visit an international sports venue whilst reminiscing upon their own sporting and active backgrounds.

Memory Lane Mondays will take place at the Headingley Stadium every second Monday of the month starting on Monday 11th July, carrying on for 6 months ending on Monday 12th December, starting at 1:30pm lasting around 90 minutes. If you would like further information on this project or would like to attend, please contact Beth on or alternatively via telephone on 0113 203 3662.


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