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12 Jul

Memory Lane Mondays is launched!

Where we you in 1966?

Following the success of many of our established Older People’s Projects, The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation have launched their very own Memory Lane Mondays in the hope of reaching out to members of the elderly community who may be socially isolated and/or suffer from mental health conditions or dementia.

The group meets every second Monday of the month, with a topic focus that allows the mind to wonder. Given memorabilia, cards, quizzes and dates, participants can stroll down memory lane and are encouraged to share what they were doing back then! Whether they were at school, working, getting their first house or car, it gives people the opportunity to share otherwise locked away stories and memories.

The first session, held on Monday 11th July, was Wimbledon inspired and focused on Tennis. Using all five senses, group members were given squash, strawberries and cream, pictures and other prompts to share what they were doing during the dates of key Tennis highlights from the 1950’s right through to 2003!

Yorkshire, and Headingley in particular, have produced some unforgettable sporting moments. By holding Memory Lane Mondays at Headingley Stadium, the Foundation hope this will spark further recollection of memories and create a welcoming environment for those attending.

Memory Lane Mondays is an open group at Headingley Stadium, East Stand, Classroom 1, 1.30pm, lasting around 90 minutes, with the next one being 8th August It’s a drop in group, but it would be great to know you’re coming!

Please contact Beth on: or 0113 203 3662 for more information or if you or someone you know would like to attend.


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