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17 Jan

Yorkies Wanted!

The Yorkie’s are the YCF’s Major Match Day Volunteer Support Team, which runs during the season at Headingley and Scarborough Cricket Ground.

The Yorkie’s first started in 2015 and have been a growing team ever since, with a more diverse range of people than ever before. Made up of working people, students and the retired alike.

There’s lots to get involved in when becoming part of the Yorkie team…

Benefits of Volunteering

• You will receive a free ticket to watch the cricket.
• You will receive a free Yorkie T-shirt to keep.
• Experience and involvement at an International Sporting Venue
• You receive a letter of endorsement from the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation for your volunteering.
• Development of skills and experience
• Receive training for Major Match Days
• Be involved with Yorkshire Cricket
• Enhance your CV
• Take pride in helping your club do well
• Remain involved with sport after retirement

Roles of a Yorkie

• Being welcoming, friendly, and happy to help any spectators.
• Ticket collections
• Directing people from train stations to the ground
• Handing out freebies
• Helping in the shop
• Escorting Vinnie the Viking around the ground
• Tri Vision

Requirements to Volunteer

• Be 18 years of age on the 1st of April 2017
• Be able to speak and read English
• Be eligible to work in the UK


For more information or to request an application form please contact and


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