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1 Feb

#RoseRunners turning January blues into January dos...

As January is drawing to a close, our #RoseRunners are coming in to bloom. Dark nights haven’t put a downer on our budding running group, which has opened its’ doors to 9 new members, raising overall group numbers to 18.

“I find the group really supportive and always feel a part of it even when I am at the back! The sessions are done in a way that nobody feels left out or left behind but that everyone can work to their ability. Support and advice is great and the run leaders are friendly and will push me, which I really need! It’s also been nice to see parts of the local area that I didn’t know existed.” Emma, #RoseRunner

The group have taken on 4 sessions, led by our Run Leaders, Charlotte, Georgia and Ben.
Week 1: The group set off to time themselves running laps of the iconic Headingley Stadium, each lap totalling 1.2km. Group members did between 2 and 4 laps of the stadium, depending on their ability.
Week 2: This week the group ran a fartlek session on Kirkstall Road, incorporating periods of walking, running and sprinting. The #RoseRunners then took a slightly longer route back up to the stadium by running uphill up Cardigan Road!
Week 3: The #RoseRunners took on another fartlek session, but this time using Otley Road as their track. The group ran for three minutes at their own pace and walked for one minute and repeated this three times up Otley Road and two times back, finishing with a gentle jog back to the Cricket Centre.
Week 4: Session 4 saw the group run a negative split session on Kirkstall Road. This involved the group running for ten minutes, stopping, turning around, and getting back to base in 9 minutes where they started from. This session meant people could practise pacing themselves and improve their own running.

“I have been attending every week for the past three weeks and will continue to do so. I am about to register for my first run which I would never have done before.” Emma, #RoseRunner

YCF Running Club will continue to meet every Monday at 5:30pm outside the Yorkshire Cricket Centre on St Michael’s Road (LS6 3BU). If you would like to join us, or would like some more information, please contact Beth on


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