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3 Feb

10 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer with the YCF

There are lots of benefits to volunteering with the YCF. Here are the Top Ten reasons why you should join our Yorkie team…

1. Boost your C.V

Working at Yorkshire County Cricket Club is a great way to boost your C.V! Showing prospective employers that you have experience at an international sports venue is sure get you noticed and what’s more, you’ll have fun doing it. All of our Yorkies can receive a letter of endorsement from the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation.

2. Meet new people

Joining the Major Match Day Support Team will allow you to meet new likeminded people from all ages and backgrounds. Many of our previous volunteers have made friends with people who go to the same university, live locally, share the same hometown or have similar interests. After volunteering, the Yorkie team often go and watch the cricket together!

3. Watch the Cricket for FREE

That’s right. For FREE. Yorkies start working before spectators arrive to make sure everyone gets a good welcome right up until the start of play. After this you are given your own ticket to watch the match for that day and can enjoy this with your fellow Yorkies.

4. Develop news skills

To be a Yorkie you need to be enthusiast, friendly and approachable and you will learn lots along the way. You will develop your personable communication skills, learn to prioritise tasks, time management, teamwork skills, improve your confidence, independence and responsibility.

5. Involvement with Yorkshire County Cricket Club

You get to be involved with Yorkshire Cricket Club, working with staff from the foundation and may even get to meet some of your favourite cricket players along the way!

6. Meet Vinnie the Viking

There are lots of different roles when volunteering but one of our favourites is being a Vinnie the Viking Bodyguard. Yes you heard right, his bodyguard! You are given the privilege of guiding Vinnie around the stadium (with another Yorkie of course!) making sure he is hydrated and ready to get the crowd going!

This also means you will be given pitch access so get to be right in the middle of all the action!

7. Work at an international sports venue

What could be better than working at an international sports venue? How about working at the best County Cricket Club in the world?

Being a Yorkie gives you the best of both!

8. Become part of a growing team

The Yorkies made their debut in 2015 and have expanded ever since with a growing, more diverse range of people than ever before!

9. Get a FREE Yorkie T-shirt

As a thank you from us for all your efforts, in addition to your ticket, you get your own free Yorkie T-shirt to keep to remember your wonderful experience with the YCF.

10. For FUN

Above all, you will have fun! Our Yorkies are good at what they do, but that’s because they love doing it.


For more information or to request an application form please contact and


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