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7 Mar

Gavin- Why I'm a Returning Yorkie!

The Yorkies are the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation’s Major Match Day Support Team, who help out on major matches at both Headingley and Scarborough.

We’re really excited to see what 2017 brings and we’re looking forward to meeting new Yorkies and also seeing the familiar faces that return year after year.

We had a chat with a returning Yorkie about his experiences last season and why he’s coming back in 2017…

What’s your name and tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Gavin and I will be celebrating my 60th in Whitby on 6th March.

I’ve got a BSc Maths and worked in IT for many years in Glasgow, Harrogate, Leeds, Birmingham, Nottingham, Bristol, Newbury, Andover, London and Frankfurt!

I’ve travelled the world (mainly South East Asia, New Zealand and Australia) for 2 years when I was 30.

Love my cricket and have been to many 1st class grounds in the UK, Auckland, Barbados and Galle abroad.

What did you enjoy about being a Yorkie last year?

Getting to know all the other Yorkies and working alongside them. A good group who wanted to help others and enjoy the cricket.

Meeting and greeting people face to face was also great and trying to make their experience at Headingly as good as it can be. For some people, it was their first visit so we tried extra hard, first impressions and all that!

People came from all over the world, not just all over the country, so you want them to have the best day / night at the cricket and leave with a great memory and hopefully pass on that experience to others.

What’s brought you back again in 2017?

The 38 bus! Nearly a joke ….Just kidding, I thoroughly enjoyed the 2016 experience and I’m looking forward to renew new acquaintances.

What do you hope for the 2017 season as a Yorkie?

To build and improve on 2016.

Do you have any ‘best bits’ or stories from last year?

Lots. But one particular memory that is brought to mind is when a man turned up very early to a match to collect tickets but we could not find them. All three of us who were stationed on the ticket office role looked hard under surname, first name,
corporate etc. but all to no avail. So, we gave him the best advice we could and he left but we felt we failed him. An hour later he returned to say his friend had got the tickets all along but he’d like to thank us all for being so helpful!

Here’s a picture Gavin sent us from his times spent watching the cricket!

Interested in joining the Yorkies this year?
For more information or to request an application form please contact and


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