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10 Mar

Chance to Shine Street

Chance to Shine Street brings together young people, in predominately inner-city areas and gives them the opportunity to learn and play cricket.

The concept, developed by chance to shine, is to inspire young people across the county and give them access to cricket, whilst promoting social cohesion and creating opportunities in diverse communities, which might also be affected by youth crime or anti-social behaviour.
Purposefully placed in areas that lack green spaces and cricket clubs, the sessions aim to reach those throughout the country who otherwise might have had no access to cricket.

The sessions, which are inclusive to people of all backgrounds, are created so that there is no need for a lot of cricket equipment and can be played easily to include everyone. The game is a fast-paced version of tape-ball cricket, which uses a tennis ball wrapped in electrical tape instead of a cricket ball. Chance to Shine Street aims to give a new fast, fun feel to cricket that can be played almost anywhere.

Beginning in 2008, the projects inception in London and has been growing ever since with sessions expanding to Batley, Birmingham, Bristol, Dewsbury, Hull, Liverpool and Manchester.
In 2012, Chance to Shine received a £1 million National Lottery grant from Sport England, which allows the project to reach young adults aged 16-24.

The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation will be working closely with the The Yorkshire Cricket Board and Chance to Shine to showcase the sessions that take place in Yorkshire, specifically centres in Batley, Dewsbury and Hull.

In Batley, Dewsbury and Hull, the fun, action based cricket sessions are aimed at young people, aged 6-13, of all abilities and experience. The sessions are completely free, with all equipment provided.

Participants are also given the opportunity to play in a team in matches against other Chance to Shine groups.

There are lots of sessions to get involved in, see below to find out which session are near you!

The Sessions:


Al Hikmah, Batley
Day: Every Saturday
Time: 1pm-3pm
Where: Al Hikmah Centre28 Track Road, Batley, West Yorkshire, WF17 7AA
Cost: FREE
More Info: please contact Yahya:


Kevin Hall, Hull.
Day: Every Wednesday
Time: 4pm-5:30pm
Where: Kelvin Hall School, Bricknell Avenue, Hull HU5 4QH
Cost: FREE
More Info: Please contact James Martin: and on twitter @jamesmartinycb

David Lloyd, Hull
Day: Thursday
Time: 4:45pm-6:15pm
Where: David Lloyds, Raich Carter Way, Kingswood, Hull, HU7 3DB.
Cost: FREE
More Info: Please contact Coach Craig Mcfayen: or on twitter @nhsportsnetwork


For further information on other Chance to Shine Street, Please Clickhere


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