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25 Apr

Rose Runners Spring into April

April has been a strong month for the Rose Runners, seeing 4 new members join and our highest attended session yet!

What have we done this month?
The first session of the month for the Rose Runners involved relays at Beckett Park. By using local green spaces, the run leaders are breaking the monotony of road running and showing how varied running sessions can be.
Week two brought out the Rose Runners competitiveness! The group were split into two teams and had to collectively complete as many laps of a set track at Burley Park as possible. The team with the most laps as a team were the winners. It was a close result, with the winning team on finishing with one more lap than the second team!
For the last session of the month, the Rose Runners completed hill sprints at Burley Park. Again, the group were divided into two, but completed the same lap in opposite directions, which included two hills. The aim of the session was for individuals to differentiate between speeds and distances.

Most Attended – Kate, Charlotte and Beth

All three Rose Runners made it to three of three sessions this month. Kate is also the most attended Rose Runner this year. Well done Kate!

“I now run 2-3 times per week and have significantly increased my physical activity levels. Running has become habitual for me as a direct result of Running Club. I now live a much more active lifestyle.” Beth, Rose Runner.

Rose Runner Profile…
Name: Emily
Nickname: Em Suff
Age: 25 (26 on Friday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)
Occupation: Occupational Therapy Student
Favourite Session: Burley park laps – it was a real challenge and having competition helped motivation!
Reasons for Running: Helps me relax and relieves stress, exploring new areas, socialising and feeling part of a group, and can eat more cake!
Personal running goals/targets: Currently training for Leeds half aiming for sub 2 hrs. Would like to get a 50 min 10K soon too!

YCF Running Club will continue to meet every Monday at 5:30pm outside the Yorkshire Cricket Centre on St Michael’s Road (LS6 3BU). If you would like to join us, or would like some more information, please contact Beth on


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