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5 Jun

Yorkie Profile- Keith Peach

The Yorkies are the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation’s Major Match Day Support Team, who help out on major matches and events across the season at both Headingley and Scarborough Cricket Ground.

As it’s National Volunteers week, we would like to share with you the background of some of our wonderful Yorkies.

Name: Keith Peach.
Occupation: I am retired and as such am generally available to assist at most times. Before retiring I was a Purchasing Manager.
About Keith: It’s my second year as a Yorkie. I always had an interest in Cricket from School days playing in the first team, through to playing for works teams and club sides. I am married with Three children, my youngest son is also a Yorkie. I became a Yorkie as a result of receiving a Christmas gift of membership of Yorkshire Cricket club as Club Yorkshire Senior, part of that was an opportunity to have a ground tour which I took advantage of. I then received an e-mail inviting me to join the Yorkies which I did.
Sum up the Yorkie experience in three words: Three words, impossible to convey my feelings but nearest are ‘ Rewarding ‘ , ‘Serving’ and ‘Satisfying’.
Favourite Cricket Player? As in my playing days I was a Wicket keeper and mid order batsman so it has to be Jonny Bairstow.
Which match are you most looking forward to with the Yorkies? I look forward to all matches so to select one is so difficult but possibly one that is past was one I most looked forward to was England v S. Africa, as it was an opportunity to see Yorkshire stars at the same time as other England stars. from that I suppose for the same reasons England v West Indies.

Interested in joining the Yorkie Team?

If you think you have what it takes to be part of an ever expanding, diverse team, contact


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