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14 Aug

Grey Fox Trophy Coming to a Close

It’s come to that time of year that sees the final rounds of the Grey Fox Trophy taking place, and the results of the competition reflect an outstanding performance from all teams. This week saw Wetherby Wrinklies take on Cayton CC, Hepworth Idle face Harden and Cottingham Old Boys host Mirfield Harry Lime. Alongside these, a Walk Over from Bolton Villas vs CYCL went ahead to give Bolton Villas the points. Although there are some run away teams in particular groups, it’s still all to play for!

Wetherby Wrinklies vs Cayton CC

Wetherby Wrinklies were hosts to Cayton CC for their last league game of the season and with the weather not looking too good, it looked like it could be a short one. On a wet field, Cayton took to the wicket to show Wetherby what they were made of in the first innings. It was a good overall innings from the Cayton players, with the likes of Virr and Turnbull forced to retirement. However, play was stopped temporarily for the rain to pass over. Things didn’t appear to be looking good for the rest of the match. Cayton managed to finish up the innings taking up the 30 overs and amounting 176 runs.

It was now Wetherby turn to bat in these wet conditions, with a hope to finish up the game fast. Much like Cayton, there were some standout players in the batting line from Wetherby, with Korko and Ali retiring and Baron not far off. It looked to be a close game drawing towards the end, however, play had to be postponed due to the rain once again. Once it had stopped, unfortunately it was too dark to carry on. The match ended in a draw with both sides taking away a point for the league.

Hepworth Idle vs Harden

One of the final games for Group A saw Hepworth Idle play Harden CC in a thrilling match to determine the winner of the group. Hepworth and Idle were first up to bat, and a steady performance they provided. The side started well, with the opening pair Mills and McEvoy both retiring. However, it wasn’t long for Harden CC to get into their stride and restrict the Idles on the wicket. The runs slowly came to a holt at the end of the innings. After 30 overs, it was time for Harden to match 163 runs.

With a hope to remove Hepworth from the top spot in the table, Harden were out to prove themselves. The innings started well with opening batter Falkingham retiring and Moulds amounting 11, however, it was evident that Hepworth were a strong bowling side. Other respectable batting totals saw Smith and Leng retiring and close to, but unfortunately, this wasn’t enough. At the end of the game, Harden CC were 11 runs away from the top spot. This meant that the victors of Group A were Hepworth and Idle.

Cottingham Old Boys vs Mirfield Harry Lime

Group A has now come to an end with this finishing game of Cottingham Old Boys hosting Mirfield Harry Lime. Neither team has won a game in the competition thus far, but at least one team will be walking away with some points this time round.
Mirfield were out to bat first and fitting with many Grey Foxes games this year, the opening pair were outstanding. Kirby and Neal both retired in the game, setting Mirfield a good base for the rest of the game. However, the runs seemed to slow down after the pair. Macdon scored an impressive 23, but this appeared to be the last highlight of the innings for Mirfield. After 30 overs, the batters amounted 130 runs.

Cottingham’s batting didn’t get off to a good start to say the least. With Ward being bowled by Hill in the early stages, the side could have taken a knock to their confidence. However, this was not the case. It appeared to be a steady innings from Cottingham, who didn’t appear to have any trouble getting their numbers up. Batting from Hornshaw and Killgallon quickly put their teams total up, worrying Mirfield. Although some good bowling from Mirfield, the innings only lasted 24 overs.
A special mention to Cottingham Old Boys and Mirfield Harry Lime for finishing their game in the pouring rain. It could have been called as a tie, but these gentlemen played through!

The 2017 season of the Grey Fox Trophy has now come to an end. There was some good cricket played from all teams and as the tables show, it was a close competition. The final tables can be found below:

The top four teams; Hall Park, Hepworth and Idle, Cayton CC and Bowling Old Lane will now face off in a semi-final competition to determine the true winner of the 2017 Grey Fox Trophy. Bowling Old Lane go through due to their Net Run Rate, having drawn with Bolton Villas and Harden CC. However, this isn’t the only cricket to be played. There will be a Plate competition taking place, in which all teams will be invited that competed in 2017. This will all be played in the coming weeks and the news updated on our social media and website will follow soon. Plenty more to come from the Grey Foxes!


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