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8 Sep

7 Reasons Why Your School Should Attend CITC

It’s that time of year again… you’ve had 6 weeks off, back to school stationary in hand, lesson plans ready and your classroom décor at the fore font of your mind. There’s just one thing missing that will steal your students attention and keep them gripped for the whole year… or at least until the next school mid term break: The school trip.

Cricket in the Classroom is the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation’s Educational Flagship scheme that runs every Wednesday and Thursday during term time for key stage two primary school children across the county. It gives children the chance to get out the classroom that they are used to and have a unique and educational learning experience within the grounds of Headingley. The project has been very successful, running since 2009, with approximately 3,000 school children attending each year.

Here’s 7 reasons why your school should get involved:

1.We’re all YORKSHIRE

Learn about Yorkshire’s rich heritage and what better place to start than the famous Yorkshire Country Cricket Club ground here at Headingley? We split your class into teams to take part in a quiz in the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation Museum to see who can discover the most facts.

2.Behind The Scenes

Want to go to exclusive places, like the players dining area, changing rooms and media hall? As part of CITC, we take your school (teachers and all) into a range of places that are usually out-of-bounds to public access.

3. Let’s get active!

As part of the day, your class will take part in some expert cricket coaching by our partners Procoach, learning new skills, keeping active, but most of all, having a ball!

4.A good education is the greatest gift…

As part of our classroom based session, the children learn in a different way than they would in their regular classroom environment. Each child is given their own workbook which they can work through in the session and it’s theirs to keep.

5.Did someone say free tickets to watch Yorkshire play?!

Yep, you heard it right! Each group is given the opportunity to pick the best/most well deserved workbook and send it back to us to receive 2 free ticket vouchers to watch Yorkshire play here at Headingley. And the best part? It’s the teachers choice, ‘how’s that’ for a good behaviour incentive?

6. Let’s get quizzical

As part of the classroom based session, the children take part in a interactive digital quiz where they put what they have learnt to the test and answer questions using remote controls.*

*Which means cheating is virtually impossible!

7. Supporting your local community

The funds raised from Cricket in the Classroom helps The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation continue it’s great community work and what could be more satisfying that that!

So what are you waiting for? Contact Beth today via or 0113 2033 662


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