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25 Oct

Why #RunAndTalk is so Important

A few weeks ago, on 9th October, the YCF #RoseRunners took part in a run that was dedicated to #RunAndTalk.

#RunAndTalk is an initiative set up by England Athletics, in conjunction with Mind, that aims to do exactly what it says on the tin: Run and TALK. The idea is that running brings lots of mental health benefits and running in an organised group allows you to become part of something social and chat to other members.

The YCF #RoseRunners meet every Monday at 5:30pm outside the Yorkshire Cricket Centre and on Monday 9th we were joined by a group of new faces who showed up to show their support for mental wellbeing.

Oliver is a keen runner who set up a blog called Run 4 Your Mind. After struggling with mental health issues himself, he set up a blog and Instagram page to reach out and inspire others in a similar situation to get out there and go running. He attended the #RoseRunners Run And Talk after seeing the event on Facebook and wanted to support the cause.

“I’ve struggled with quite severe mental health issues for over 10 years- anxiety, depression & OCD (mainly intrusive thoughts). I’ve tried all different types of treatment such as hypnotherapy, CBT, acupuncture as well as a cocktail of medication, however none of these seemed to work. I was beginning to feel like there was no hope and was pretty close to just giving up on everything.

One day I decided to get myself out and go for a run. It was at this point I discovered I’d found something that could possibly help me and so ‘Run For Your Mind’ was created.
I came along to the #RunAndTalk run after reading about it on Facebook. My girlfriend’s cousin was also running so I felt comfortable knowing there was someone I knew there too. I loved the fact that the run was to raise awareness about mental health and show that it’s ok to talk to people without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. My mission is to support motivate, and inspire others struggling like I am to run.”

Check out Oly’s website by visiting: or Instagram: @Run4YourMind

If you would like to find out for yourself the physical and mental health benefits of running in a group, join the YCF #RoseRunners on Mondays at 5:30pm, meeting outside the Yorkshire Cricket Centre, St. Michael’s Lane, Leeds, LS6 3BU. For more information, contact Beth via:


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