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5 Dec

NEW: Diverse Communities Projects in Leeds

The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation (YCF) are excited to announce a range of new projects, specific to Leeds, to get more people from a diverse range of communities involved in Cricket.

Leeds is amongst five cities selected nationally by the ECB to run a comprehensive Community Cricket Programme. Other cities included are Bradford, Birmingham, Leicester and a London Borough.

Kendal James, Community Development Officer for Leeds, joined the YCF team in the end of October to work on creating new projects that are solely for Leeds, particular focused areas include Chapletown, Gipton, Harehills, Sheepscar, Roundhay, Moortown, Burley, Armley and Beeston.

There will be a number of projects running under Kendal’s work, with the aim being to effectively engage with the different communities and increase the amount of people from diverse backgrounds playing cricket whilst integrating with one another.

As part of the ECB initiative, we aim to increase the representation of people from different cultures and backgrounds in the cricket workforce as well as increase satisfaction for these grass roots cricketers in Leeds.- Kendal James, Community Development Officer, Leeds

Indoor Leagues: In the New Year, we will be delivering an indoor cricket programme to attract new players as well as current and lapsed players. We will also be providing different opportunities to target players, in beginner taster leagues as well as Inter-faith and restaurant, takeaway and taxi leagues. These activities will be based indoors with exit routes for a summer programme.

Disability Cricket: We are excited to be working with schools on different initiatives to support community needs, such as creating a Development Centre for children aged 5-8-year olds and providing a diverse disability inclusion session.

Hits & Missus: We have invited 6 schools from diverse communities to 12 hours of free cricket sessions to encourage more girls to be more active; leading into a tournament ‘Hits & Missus’.

Volunteer Recruitment and Training: Furthermore, we recognise the importance of developing a diverse workforce in the cricketing community. This will aid the sustainability for the projects, as well as offer people opportunities to exceed in cricket involvement. We are currently looking at recruitment and training of volunteers.

Women’s Cricket: Finally, we are exploring new ways to engage women of all ages, backgrounds and abilities in the community. We are considering the barriers that women face and aiming to find solutions to meet their needs.

If you would like to get involved of any of our diverse community projects or would like more information, please contact Kendal via


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