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9 Jan

10 Reasons to Join a Running Club this January

…as told by the YCF #RoseRunners. As it’s January and we’re all in that ‘new year, new me’ mode, we put our (RoseRunners) heads together and asked them what’s so great about being part of (such a fantastic) running group. Here’s what they said…

1. Motivation

You know the feeling you get when you’ve just finished work, it’s cold, it’s dark, you’re hungry and tired and all you want to do is get out there and go for a solo run?

No? Us neither.

By joining a running club, you actually look forward to getting out there and going for a run as a group. RoseRunners enjoy whatever the session has to offer because there’s so much variety in what we do. It might be a relay, team game, sprints, hills, set loop or something completely different! But that’s the beauty of it… you never know! Whatever the session is, you can be sure it’s going to push and challenge you, whilst you’re having a bit of fun.

2. Friends

Recently moved to Leeds? Want to expand your network? Want to make new friends?

Or maybe you’re just a social butterfly. Either way, you are sure to meet a diverse range of people at the YCF running club. We have members of all ages and abilities, so you are sure to fit in and get to know a few new faces.

“By joining a club and surrounding yourself with experienced, enthusiastic people, you’re more likely to run long-term, instead of depending solely on your own motivation” – Will Saville, #RoseRunner

3. Mental health

Mental Health is so important. But when we talk about it, we always talk about what others can do to improve their mental health. But what about you? What are you doing to promote your own positive mental health?

Running is a fanatic way to do this. Spend that hour after work , working on your own mental health – not to mention the physical benefits!

4. Get fit

Kind of speaks for itself. Running is a fantastic, cheap and great (yes, we’re biased) way to improve your fitness and help you look and feel great.

5. Fun

We’re not saying it’ll be a laugh a minute when you’re powering through a hill sprint. But you WILL enjoy it. The range of games and activities planned and the social side of joining a group, keeps it refreshing and interesting, so you’re not just doing that same old route around the park you know and don’t love.

6. Reach your goals

Aiming to achieve something this year? Maybe you want to run your first 5K. Maybe you want to run your third 10K. Maybe you want to take on a half marathon. Or maybe you just want to get a bit more active. Whatever your running goal, you do you.

7. Get to know Leeds

Get to know the city you live in! Our routes cover a range of areas across Headingley and differ each week, so there’s no danger of getting stuck into a boring routine.

8. Improve your running technique and get structed workouts

Our qualified run leaders are on hand each week to help support your development and encourage you to hit your targets and vary your training. We have 3 key run leaders, who represent a mix of abilities:

There’s Georgia, who runs professionally and can help you improve your overall technique.

There’s Ben, who is interested in running for community and social development. He can help you push yourself each week and go that little bit further and longer week by week.

And there’s Charlotte, who is all about the social side. Her sessions focus on games and team sport, tapping into and unleashing your competitive side!

9. Info, Info, Info

Joining any club is a great source of info. And a running club makes you feel better too. In a club, you’ll be able to find out where the best physio or masseur is in the area, where to buy quality running gear at a good price, where to find good off-road routes and much more.

10. Self pride

The YCF Running Club is all about making you feel great and being proud of your achievements.

H4. Interested?

Join the #RoseRunners Every Monday at 5:30pm, outside the Yorkshire Cricket Centre or contact for more information.


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