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6 Feb

Phil’s Story: Setting Healthy Boundaries

In summer 2017, the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation provided health checks across a number of domestic and international matches. The inclusion of health checks across the season contributes to the YCF’s Health and Wellbeing theme and works to reduce health inequality and improve health awareness for those who make use of the service.

Phil, 53, who participated in a health check last summer, found out his blood pressure was raised and cholesterol levels were a little off. He got in touch with us to let us know how taking part in a health check has changed his health for the better.

“Last Summer, an opportunity arose to have a free matchday health check at Headingley. This examined, amongst other things my cholesterol, BMI, diabetes and blood pressure. Whilst the majority of tests were normal, the check drew my attention to high blood pressure and levels of cholesterol.

Naturally, this caused some concern, so this led to me contacting my GP to understand the underlying reasons and treatments to lower these issues.

This resulted in a series of sessions over the Autumn at my doctor’s where blood pressure readings were taken and I also provided blood samples. My blood pressure was deemed to be high on several occasions. This let to me being fitted with a 24-hour blood pressure monitor in December.

In January, after a follow-up appointment with the doctor, I was informed that the overall average of my daytime and night-time blood pressure was normal, and that no immediate treatment was required. Unfortunately, my cholesterol reading of 6.8 is high, increasing my chances of a heart attack or stroke within the next ten years.

In order to improve these levels, I am making conscious efforts to make adjustments and improvements to my diet and increase my exercise regime to 30 minutes per day.

This sequence of events have led me to re-evaluate my lifestyle and exercise regime, and whilst it is too early to tell or realise the benefits, it is hoped that my efforts nutritionally will start to improve my health prospects.”

Our match day health checks last around 10-15 minutes and look to measure blood pressure, grip strength, BMI and hip to waist ratio to determine the risks of developing preventable diseases. They are a free basic health MOT check up and completely confidential.

The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation will be running a number of free health checks again during various matches across the season. If you would like information on YCF’s health checks or any of our Health and Wellbeing work, please contact

Please note that the names used in this article have been changed for confidentiality reasons.


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