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27 Mar

BLOG: YCF’s Diverse Communities Workforce

The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation (YCF), charity and community arm of Yorkshire County Cricket Club, run a number of Diverse Communities projects, which aim to increase cricket engagement of those from a diverse range of communities by creating opportunities such as upskilling coaches and implementing sustainable grass roots cricket initiatives.

Within these projects, the YCF have been fortunate enough to work with a fantastic mix of people, from all walks of live. Here’s just a few of the brilliant coaches we’re currently working with and their stories…

Sohail Raz, from Beeston, Level 2 coach
Sohail is an experienced valued coach and member of the Beeston community. He has worked with so many young people in the Beeston Community over the past 3 years and is now keen to take the sessions to the next level. Over the past three months, Sohail has worked in partnership with Hamara and YCF to plan and develop the current U11 sessions, due to his continuous success over the past few years, there is now also capacity to create a U14 program.

“This opportunity to work with the YCF and do some more coaching in my community has been fantastic. There is nothing more rewarding than giving back to your community and making the difference to people lives, using sport as the key focus”. – Sohail


Sohail’s next steps working with YCF are to develop a Beeston grassroots U11 & U14s community cricket club for all year round cricket.

Pictured: Sohail’s present U11s – Ready and preparing for the Yorkshire BME festival on 8th April 2018!

Sadia Ali, from Beeston, Level 2 Cricket Coach
“I love working with YFC as its really rewarding, it’s amazing to know that I’ve played even a small part in helping many women enjoy cricket. Stereotypically, women do not really play cricket or aren’t always perceived as being “good” at playing. Which is why I find it so rewarding to help and coach so many women and girls in becoming better at the sport. Women are now starting to receive the recognition that they deserve, and I am so proud to be a part of that.

I have started running weekly sessions on a Thursday at Old Cockburn Sport Centre in Beeston, currently we have 4 supported women’s only groups attending the session. Before starting these cricket sessions, YCF spoke to the women involved and wanted to try and help to encourage as much engagement as possible and the consultation suggested childcare was a barrier. YCF have considered this and are now piloting a creche to run alongside the session to help aid the woman to attend the sessions.

Feedback so far is brilliant and the ladies are looking forward to returning the session and bringing more of their friends, with many suggesting to continue the sessions further with potential to include a fixture with another group.” -Sadia

Hussan Hussain, from Beeston, Level 2 Cricket coach & Level 2 Rugby coach
Hussan is currently studying Sports Performance at Leeds City College University. In his spare time, he helps deliver cricket sessions with Sohail in the Beeston community.
In the last 8 weeks Hussan has supported the YCF’s new ‘Hits & Missus’ initiative and supported the U13 girls program by returning back to his secondary school and delivering cricket to the Y7 years in preparation for their festival which took place in the Yorkshire Cricket Centre on both 14th and 19th March.

“I have always loved and played cricket and rugby. I will continue to play and coach cricket and I enjoy working with YCF; it has allowed me to give back to my local community and also to further develop my coaching skills, I am excited to continue to work with the YCF”

Mehtab Hussain, from Harehills, Former Player at Caribbean CC
Mehtab has played cricket all of his life, he has a real passion for the sport and would like to work with YCF to provide more opportunities for his community.
Mehtab was keen to explain how cricket has offered him a lot growing up and the people involved had a great influence in his life, which he will never forget. Mehtab would like to mirror his positive experience and share this with the young people in Harehills.

‘Nanu Football Academy’ Started when two successful business men had very similar ideas regarding helping their community. It became apparent that young people in their community needed sport in their life as it offers them life skills.
Mehtab is teaming up with Nanu and helping to lead and deliver a cricket pathway in association with Nanu Football Academy.

YCF Diverse Communities is fully on board with this mission and therefore immediately offered to support Mehtab to completing his Level 2 EBC accredited ‘Young People and Adults Cricket Coaching’ course.

In the meantime, YCF have supported an introductory 9 weeks free U11’s indoor cricket sessions at Fearnville Leisure Centre, with both Sohail and Mehtab.

YCF established it as a good starting point to start with some open mixed sessions and organised for Sohail, an experience community L2 coach, to deliver these sessions for U11’s. It was a perfect opportunity for Mehtab to shadow Sohail and develop his confidence and gain invaluable experience along time his Level 2 course.


Methabs team, Nanu Cricket U11 will be playing at Emerland Headingley Cricket Stadium at Yorkshire Cricket Foundation Family Day during the interval on Sunday 20th May as Yorkshire Vikings take on Warwickshire Bears!

Pictured: Nanu Cricket U11

For more information about any of our Diverse Communities work, contact:


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