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24 Apr

Yorkshire Cricket does YOGA

The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation have implemented a workplace wellbeing scheme aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of staff across all departments of Yorkshire Cricket.

The greatest cause of sick absenteeism (unplanned absence from work) in the UK is a combination of anxiety, stress and depression. Additionally, what’s worse than absenteeism in the workplace is presenteeism. Presenteeism is defined as functioning at less than optimum capacity at work and studies indicate that it costs the UK economy £15.1 billion a year.

Therefore, building a community amongst staff, improving working relationships and boosting workplace morale is crucial.

We have been running staff yoga for six weeks, which takes place every Tuesday. Yoga is a fantastic activity to partake in, as it is a mind-body workout that associates strengthening and stretching poses with meditation and deep breathing exercises.

Research has uncovered that it can be just as good as aerobic exercise for improving health. We work with ‘We are Wellness’, a local Yoga studio to deliver the sessions at Emerald Headingley Stadium.

“The 6-week pilot of yoga has been a huge success and very popular amongst staff at Yorkshire Cricket. Across the 6 weeks, we have had 18 members of staff access the service and benefit from the positive mental and physical effects of yoga.” Beth Cook, Health and Wellbeing Manager.

Also, we currently have a running club that many of our staff members engage with on a weekly basis. The club is open to the public to participate in and begins at 5.30pm every Monday at the Yorkshire Cricket Centre. The running club is very inclusive and helps to improve physical, mental and social health. It is not a necessity to be someone who runs regularly, as the club offers a varied range of activities based on ability and aims to make the experience enjoyable.

Both the yoga and running club are advantageous to workplace wellbeing because of the physical and mental benefits that they offer. Having healthy and productive employees can only provide positive outcomes for the workplace and having happy employees should ensure more productivity in the workplace, as well as strengthening the community feel here at Yorkshire Cricket.


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