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2 May

Shantona Cricket: Providing Pathways

As part of our Diverse Communities work, The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation (YCF) have created great links with the Shantona youth sector.

The group are a female only group who meet every Thursday to take part in cricket coaching for free and take advantage of all the social opportunities that come with playing a sport. The group also meet on Sundays to take part in a range of other activities such as craft, cooking and baking.

The aim for the project is to run a sustained girls only cricket session, in conjunction with YCF’s Hits & Missus competitions, which will run annually. The sessions aim to be a pathway for girls to continue with cricket and specifically, the continuation of girls from South Asian communities, as there is a gap of girls from South Asian backgrounds and communities playing cricket in Leeds.

Members of the Shantona cricket group also have the opportunity to be mentored by one of our diverse community workforce coaches, Sadiah. As part of her own personal development, she will be learning hands-on what it takes to mentor a group, as well as coach. In addition to the Thursday evening cricket coaching, the group will be learning from Sadiah how to plan, develop and deliver their own cricket festival.

The next steps for progression is to give the girls an opportunity to attend a Diverse Community ECB Softball training which is hosted at the Bangladeshi centre. On completion of the training, they will plan and deliver a festival in their local park.

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